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Our Residents

Resident Physicians - Class of 2015
Adnan Qadir

Adnan Qadir, M.D.

Interests: Medical history, Medical ethics, Traditional Family Medicine

Hobbies: Movies, friends and family, travel, sports with friends

Johnny Tenegra

Johnny Tenegra, M.D.

Interests: Tradtional Family Medicine, Pediatrics, teaching

Hobbies: Road photography, traveling, reading, trying new foods

Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen, M.D.

Interests: Womens' Health, Sports Medicine

Hobbies: Snowboarding, taekwondo, time with daughter, foreign travels

Gavin Shokar

Gavin Shokar, M.D.

Interests: Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, Community Medicine

Hobbies: Basketball, music, movies, martial arts

Resident Physicians - Class of 2016
Josh Starr

Josh Starr, M.D.

Interests: Acute Care, Sports Medicine, Community Medicine, Teaching

Hobbies: Playing & watching sports, running, watching movies, reading

Lauren Fore

Lauren Fore, M.D.

Interests: Practicing Family Medicine in a rural community in Central Illinois, Women's Health

Hobbies: Playing board games, reading and collecting hardcover books, watching Illini sports and Millikin baseball, spending time with family

Mira Dvivedi

Mira Dvivedi, M.D.

Interests: Preventive Medicine, Community Medicine, and Women's Health

Hobbies: Traveling, working out, cooking, zumba and spending time with family and friends

Roshan Patel

Roshan Patel, M.D.

Interests: Medical Education, Medical Technology, Health Policy, Patient Education

Hobbies: Spending time with family, computers, football, video games, traveling, running

Samitha Chandraratne

Samitha Chandraratne, M.D.

Interests: Primary Care in Underserved Areas, Preventive Medicine, Urgent Care.

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, zumba, ballroom dancing, sketching, oil painting, watching movies, tennis, baking

Resident Physicians - Class of 2017
Jarrett Gillette

Jarrett Gillette, M.D.

Interests: Nutrition, Preventative Health

Hobbies: Cooking, basketball, computers/electronics

David Ibrahim

David Ibrahim, M.D.

Interests: Preventive Medicine, Rural Medicine, Women's Health

Hobbies: Reading, travelling, basketball, football

Christopher Martinek

Christopher Martinek, M.D.

Interests: Acute Care, Medical Inpatient, Antibiotic and Narcotic Prescribing Stewardship

Hobbies: Golf, video games, reading

Vanessa Ramal

Vanessa Ramlal, M.D.

Interests: Preventive Medicine, Women's Health

Hobbies: Spending time with friends & family, listening to music, zumba

Zachary Shipp

Zachary Shipp, M.D.

Interests: Urgent Emergency Care

Hobbies:Illini football/basketball games, spending time with my kids, reading

Graduated Class of 2016







Graduated Class of 2013

Ahmad Jibawi, M.D. - Bloomington, IL

Prakash Motwani, M.D. - Bloomington, IL

Justin Parker, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Habiba Ikoghode, M.D. - Jackson, MN

Sandeep Pagali, M.D. - Rochester, MN


Graduated Class of 2010

Muhammad Ahmed, M.D. - Springfield, IL

Sachin Batra, M.D. - Champaign, IL

Sudhakar Konda, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Mohamed Meghji, M.D. - Woodbridge, ON Canada


Graduated Class of 2007

Jaspinder Dhillon, M.D. - Cleveland, Ohio

Ahmed Labib, M.D. - Maryland

Deborah Rodriguez, M.D. - Illinois

Bahija Saouf, M.D. - California

Vijaya Vellanki, M.D. - Maryland


Graduated Class of 2004

John DiMondo, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Geronimo Garcia, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Yousuf Mohammed, M.D. - Michigan City, IN

Shilpa Mehta, M.D. - Bloomington, IL

Mark Montefolka, M.D. - Peoria, IL


Graduated Class of 2001

Roel Espina, M.D. - Chicago, IL

David Gregory, M.D. - Decatur, IL

James Lowery, M.D. - North Branch, MI


Graduated Class of 1998

Cesar Arguelles, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Patrick Cavanagh, M.D. - Decatur, IL

John Houston, M.D. - Ozark, AL

Scott Sieberg, M.D. - Decatur, IL

PRobert Butts, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Heather Herr, M.D. - Fairbury, IL

Marlon Muneses, M.D. - Decatur, IL


Graduated Class of 1995

Debra Swearingen, M.D. - Mount Zion, IL


Graduated Class of 1992

Susan Klein, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Mark Scott, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Jeffrey Wilwert, D.O. - Iowa Falls, IA


Graduated Class of 1989

David DiLoreto, M.D. - Salisbury, NC

Karen Lickenbrock, M.D. - St. Louis, MO

Kenneth Schmidt, M.D. - Mt. Pulaski, IL


Graduated Class of 1986

James Byrnes, M.D. - Del Ray Beach, FL

Mark Dettro, M.D. - Mattoon, IL

William Lanker, M.D. - Monticello, IL

George Stachecki, M.D. - Spokane, WA

Graduated Class of 2015







Graduated Class of 2012

Amisha Kamath, M.D. - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Jasleen Kaur, M.D. - Seattle, WA

Jonathan Kirkwood, M.D. - Springfield, IL

Amit Shah, M.D. - Munfordsville, KY

Harvinder Dhillon, M.D.


Graduated Class of 2009

Mohammed Ansari, M.D. - Rockford, IL

Valerie Burns, M.D. - Lawrenceville, IL

Maryam Qureshi, M.D. - Forsyth, IL

Mohammed Samiruddin, M.D. - Villa Park, IL

Yi Zhou, M.D. - Houston, TX


Graduated Class of 2006

Dana Ray, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Omar Aref, M.D. - Planet City, FL

Anthony Capili, M.D. - Porterville, CA


Graduated Class of 2003

Zinia Chowdhury, M.D. - Downers Grove, IL

Monica Duran, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Lee Peck, M.D. - Dover, DE

Michael Rivera, M.D. - Naperville, IL

Neetha Sallapudi, M.D. - Tampa, FL


Graduated Class of 2000

Lee Barnes, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Jared Bingham, M.D. - Santaquin, UT

Charles Ellington, M.D., J.D. - Decatur, IL

Brad Houston, M.D. - Olney, IL

Miso Miloslavic, M.D. - Kenosha, WI


Graduated Class of 1997

Kurt Dearnbarger, M.D. - Lovington / Arthur, IL

Kelly Hartel, M.D. - Potosi, MO

Kimberley Hollender, M.D. - Springfield, IL

Kevin Krol, M.D. - Decatur, IL


Graduated Class of 1994

Lynn McBride, M.D. - Springfield, IL


Graduated Class of 1991

Victoria Brockhouse, D.O. - Bloomington, IL

Douglas Ellis, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Thomas Rohde, M.D., FAAFP - Decatur, IL


Graduated Class of 1988

Michael Brummer, M.D. - Effingham, IL

Michael France, M.D. - Hot Sulphur Springs, CO

Douglas Kabbes, M.D. - Effingham, IL

Kenneth Scribner, M.D. - Forsyth, IL


Graduated Class of 1985

Martin Clearly, M.D. - Warren, IL

Lawrence Jeisy, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Robert Turngren, M.D. - Monticello, IL

Graduated Class of 2014

Katherine Avery, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Rajdeep Dhami, M.D.- Decatur, IL

Sushanth Nayak, M.D. - Eugene, OR

Ratika Sood, M.D. - Chicago, IL


Graduated Class of 2011

Shabaz Gill, M.D.

Piyush Kumar, M.D.

Roberto Pabalate, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Madhvi Patel, M.D. - Rocky Mount, NC

Chitra Ramdass, M.D. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Graduated Class of 2008

Muhammad Arain, M.D. - Elkhart, IN

Nader Habib, M.D. - Waterbury, CT

Lori Jackson, M.D. - Evanston, IL

Hamid Reza Sagha, M.D. - Muscatine, IA

Amitumar Upadhyay, M.D. - Dunnville, Ontario


Graduated Class of 2005

Brooke Ballard, M.D. - Mt. Zion, IL

Crisanto Dimafelix, M.D. - Richardson, TX

Rey Garcia, M.D. - Porterville, CA


Graduated Class of 2002

Rolando Atiga, M.D. - Glendora, CA

Luis Martinez, M.D. - Albert Lea, MN

Kristin Newcome, M.D. - Forsyth, IL

Jenny Powell, M.D. - Lebanon, MO

Brian Yocks, M.D. - Forsyth, IL


Graduated Class of 1999

Juan Dominguez, M.D. - St. Joseph, MO

Naheed Kazmi, M.D. - England

Leo Lopez, M.D. - Mendota, IL

David Oligschlaeger, D.O. - Shelbyville, IL

Eric Sandstrom, M.D. - Lankin, KS


Graduated Class of 1996

J. Paulo Carvalho, M.D. - Ventura, CA

Timothy Miller, M.D. - Forsyth, IL


Graduated Class of 1993

Blanca Clark, M.D. - Anderson, IN


Graduated Class of 1990

Imgrid Antonsen, M.D. - Urbana, IL

Marilynn Dewald, M.D. - Houghton, MI

Robert Smith, M.D. - Decatur, IL

Bradley Wood, M.D. - Pana, IL


Graduated Class of 1987

Craig Brown, M.D. - Mount Zion, IL

Richard Ginnetti, M.D. - Bloomington, IL

Brent Libert, M.D. - Carroll, IA

Michael Wall, M.D. - Forsyth, IL


Graduated Class of 1984

Kevin Boatright, M.D. - Farmington, MO

David Brauh, M.D. - Woodstock, IL

Daniel DeCamp, M.D. - Indianapolis, IN

Ann Heath, M.D. - Pine Hill, NM

The mission of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is to assist the people of central and southern Illinois in meeting their health care needs through education, patient care, research, and service to the community.


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