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Our Residents

3rd Year Resident Physicians
David Ibrahim

David Ibrahim, M.D.

Interests: Preventive Medicine, Rural Medicine, Women's Health

Christopher Martinek

Christopher Martinek, M.D.

Interests: Acute Care, Medical Inpatient, Antibiotic and Narcotic Prescribing Stewardship

Vanessa Ramal

Vanessa Ramlal, M.D.

Interests: Preventive Medicine, Women's Health

Zachary Shipp

Zachary Shipp, M.D.

Interests: Urgent Emergency Care

2nd Year Resident Physicians
Zeerak Batool

Zeerak Batool, M.D.

Interests: Preventative care, women's health

Naeem Patel

Naeem Patel, M.D.

Interests: Traditional Family Medicine, Both Inpatient and Outpatient settings.

Pranav Patel

Pranav Patel, M.D.

Interests: Preventative Medicine, Rural Medicine

Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma, M.D.

Interests: Preventative health and rural medicine.

Pranav Patel

Sujiththa Suntharalingam, M.D.

Interests: Hospital medicine, acute care, preventative medicine

1st Year Resident Physicians
Zeerak Batool

Mirza Mahmood, M.D.

Interests: Rural medicine, hospital Medicine, and urgent care

Naeem Patel

Aimen Naeem, M.D.

Interests: Medical Inpatient, Preventative Medicine, and Women’s Health

Pranav Patel

Hema Patel, M.D.

Interests: Preventative Care and Women’s Health

Vijay Sharma

Anuradha Ranganath, M.D.

Interests: Integrative medicine, rural health

Pranav Patel

Deepti Sood, M.D.

Interests: Preventative Medicine, Geriatrics and Behavioral Health


The mission of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is to assist the people of central and southern Illinois in meeting their health care needs through education, patient care, research, and service to the community.


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