Physician Pipeline Preparatory Program"


Physician Pipeline Preparatory Program

P4 Students

Dates of Modules of Study

First Module
November 12-14, 2013
November 18-21, 2013

Second Module
January 22-23, 2014
January 27-29, 2014

Third Module
May 5-8, 2014
May 12-15, 2014


Twenty tenth-grade students in Springfield were selected for a pilot program to encourage local high school students interested in becoming physicians. The program is in it's second year. The P 4 gives local high school students an inside look at what life is like as a physician. Organized by SIU School of Medicine and the Springfield Public Schools, the Physician Pipeline Preparatory Program started at the medical school in November 2009.

"I am very pleased with the selection of these students. Because the applicants were so stellar, we pushed the number of participants to twenty-four," said Dr. Wesley McNeese, executive assistant to the dean for diversity, multicultural and minority affairs at SIU.

The students were selected by a committee with members from both partners. They submitted letters of recommendation, a personal statement and a summary of volunteer, school and community activities, all of which needed to reflect superior academic performance, high levels of motivation and a sincere interest in pursuing medical careers. Fourteen were minority students.

P4The curriculum for the pilot program was developed by faculty and staff from both Springfield Schools and the SIU medical school. The P 4 components for the after-school program include participation in medical school style curriculum; introduction to problem based learning (PBL); tours and shadowing, and interactions with SIU students and faculty. "We hope this pilot program will develop into a permanent partnership with the Springfield schools and eventually some of the P 4 "graduates" will return to earn their medical degrees at SIU," said SIU Dean and Provost J. Kevin Dorsey, M.D., Ph.D. "This effort matches well with part of our mission, which is to be of service to the communities where we work and live."

The current P4 session began this past November and the second module begins January 2014. The students will be participating in lectures, field trips to a medical facility, as well as participation in a medical conference.

"We are particularly interested in providing this opportunity to youth with potential who might not otherwise get the guidance they need to pursue a medical career," said Walter Milton, Jr., Ed.D., former superintendent of Springfield Public Schools. "P 4 is a shining example of a collective effort that will produce a body of youth who are ready to compete in the global medical environment."

Current P4 Students

High School Juniors

Tayo Ajenifuja, SHS
Perion Black, LHS
Sean Chapin, SHG
Courtney Colwell, SHS
Lakeia Crawford, SSHS
Brian Eccleston, SHS
Lani McLaughlin, SSHS
Sarah Rodgers, SSHS
Leia Ruebling, SSHS
Iliana Ruiz, SHS

High School Sophomores

Elijah Baylor – LHS
Jasmine Broida, LHS
Cyann Dent, SSHS
Ejehi Erewele, SHS
Nubia Fokum – RHS
Dalia Hassan, SHS
Mycheala McCreary, SSHS
John Padanilam, SHS
Marina Rosebrook, SSHS
Drew Samuelson, SHS
Keyera Smith, SHS
Lindsay Stine - Home
Briley Tanner, SHS

High School Freshmen

Ayooluwa Afolayan, SHS
Elsie Andres, SHG
Maddie Andres, SHG
David Bruns, Home
Madison Dilley, LHS
Kyzah Harris, SSHS
Youssef Hassan, SHS
Kelvin Hatchett, SSHS
Amaya Henderson, SSHS
Kien Ho, SSHS
Krishi Korrapati, SHS
Lauren Madonia, SHG
Arianne Moody, SHS
Jesse Nicoletta, SSHS
Jordan Price, SHS
Odysee Riggs, LHS
Dayshia Rogers-Gordon, LHS
Hannah Seck, SSHS
Emily Thornberry, SHG
Kensington VanHouten, SHG

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