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PBL: Consultations

The following faculty are available for consultations, workshops and support in problem-based learning.

Debra L. Klamen, M.D., MHPE

Debra L. Klamen, M.D., M.H.P.E., F.A.P.A., is Professor and Chair of the Department of Medical Education at SIU School of Medicine. She is also the Associate Dean for Education and Curriculum. She completed a Masters of Health Professional Education at the University of Chicago in 1998. Dr. Klamen has written numerous articles on medical school education, focusing on assessment and educational innovation.

Nicole Roberts, Ph.D.

Nicole Roberts, Ph.D., joined the faculty of SIU School of Medicine with a background in all levels of medical education, from undergraduate to graduate to continuing. She has also taught in public schools and in higher education. At SIU, she serves as the Director of the Academy for Scholarship in Education and as Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Education. Her areas of emphasis are faculty development and medical education research.

Linda Distlehorst, Ph.D.

Linda Distlehorst, Ph.D., has guided faculty through the educational change process and is well-versed in both the rewards and the challenges in institutional change. In addition to this, she has a number of years experience in both problem-design/curriculum development and tutor training. Dr. Distlehorst's background includes not only medical education but also secondary education. She previously served as Associate Dean for the Office of Education and Curriculum at SIU School of Medicine.