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Faculty Profiles : Dr. Nicole K. Roberts

Nicole K. Roberts
Nicole K. Roberts, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Education

913 Rutledge St., Rm. 1241
P.O. Box 19681
Springfield, IL 62794-9681
217-545-2103 (phone), 217-545-0120 (fax)

Educational Background | Selected Publications & Presentations | Grants/Honors

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. 2005 Educational Policy Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Urbana, IL
  • MSEd 1995 Educational Administration and Foundations, Illinois State University, Normal IL
  • B.A. 1985 English, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Selected Publications & Presentation

Journal Publications

  • Roberts, NK, Williams, RG. (In Press). The hidden costs of failing to fail residents. Journal Graduate Medical Education.
  • Dobbins, M., Roberts, N. K., Vicary, S., Seale, D., Bogdanich, R, and Record, J. (in press).The consultation conference: A new model of collaboration for child psychiatry and primary care. Academic Psychiatry.
  • Roberts, NK, Williams, RG, Schwind, CJ, Sutyak, JA,  McDowell, C, Griffen, D, Wall, J,  Sanfey, H,  Chestnut, A, Meier, AH,  Wohltmann, C,  Clark, TR, Wetter, N. The impact of brief team communication, leadership and team behavior training on ad hoc team performance in trauma care settings. (In press) American Journal of Surgery. 
  • Robinson, S, Roberts, NK, Dzara, K.  Residency Coordinator Perceptions of Psychiatry ResidencyCandidates: A Pilot Study. Academic Psychiatry. 2013; 37(4): 265-7.
  • Cianciolo AT, Williams RG, Klamen DL, Roberts NK. Biomedical knowledge, clinical cognition, and diagnostic justification: A structural equation model. Med Educ 2013; 47(3): 309-16.
  • Taira T, Santen SA, Roberts NK. Developing a Taxonomy of "Problem Residents". Ann Emerg Med. 2012;60(5):S169-S.
  • McDowell CM, Roberts NK, Sutyak J, Griffen D, Wall J, Schwind C, et al. Be SMARTT About Trauma: An Interdisciplinary Educational Approach to Improving Teamwork in the Trauma Bay. Ann Emerg Med. 2012;60(5):S172-S3
  • Taira T, Roberts NK, Santen SA. Defining Professionalism issues Among "Problem Residents". Ann Emerg Med. 2012;60(5):S167-S
  • Roberts NK,  Williams RG, Kilingensmith M, Sullivan M, Boehler, M, Hickson G, Kim MJ, Klamen DL,  LeBlang T, Schwind C, Titchena, K, & Dunnington GL.  The case of the entitled resident:  A composite case study of a resident performance problem syndrome with interdisciplinary commentary.  Medical Teacher. 2012; 34(12):1024-32.
  • Meier AH, Boehler ML, McDowell CM, Schwind C, Markwell S, Roberts NK, et al. A Surgical Simulation Curriculum for Senior Medical Students Based on TeamSTEPPS. Arch Surg. 2012;147(8):761-6.
  • McDougle L, Mavis BE, Jeffe DB, Roberts NK, Ephgrave K, Hageman HL, Lypson ML, and Andriole DA Academic and professional career outcomes of medical school graduates who failed USMLE Step 1 on the first attempt. Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract. 2012 Apr 7.
  • Roberts NK, Brenner MJ, Williams RG, Kim MJ, & Dunnington GL. (2012). Capturing the teachable moment: A grounded theory study of verbal teaching interaction in the operating room. Surgery. 151(5): 643-650.
  • Sanfey H, Da Rosa D, Hickson G, Williams B, Ranjan S, Boehler M, Klingensmith M, Klamen D, Mellinger J, Hebert J, Richard K, Roberts NK , Schwind C., Williams R, Sachdeva  A, Dunnington G. (2012). Pursuing professional accountability. An evidence based approach to addressing residents with behavior problems. Archives of Surgery.147 (7):642-647.
  • Rogers D, Boehler M, Roberts NK,& Johnson V. (2012). Using the hidden curriculum to teach professionalism during the surgery clerkship. Journal of Surgical Education. 69(3):423-7.
  • Cook, D. A., Andriole, D. A,, Durning, S. J, Roberts, N. K, and Triola, M. M. (2010). Longitudinal Research Databases in Medical Education: Facilitating the Study of Educational Outcomes Over Time and Across Institutions. Academic Medicine, 85(8) 1340-1346..
  • Andriole, D. A., Ephgrave, K. , Lypson M. L, Mavis, B, McDougal, L, and Roberts, N. K. (2010). Predictors of Full-time Faculty Appointment among Contemporary U.S. Medical School Graduates: Implications for Academic Medicine Workforce Diversity. Academic Medicine, 85(7):1250-7.
  • Roberts, N. K., Klamen, D. L. (2010) The Case for Teaching Explicit Reading Strategies to Medical Students: A Comment on Strategies to Read and Learn: Overcoming Learning by Consumption by Danielle McNamara. Medical Education, 44(4) p. 328-9.
  • Williams, R. G., Roberts, N. K., Schwind, C., and Dunnington, G. L. (2009). The nature of general surgery resident performance problems. Surgery, 145(2) p. 651-658.
  • Roberts, N. K., Williams, R. G., Kim, M. J. and Dunnington, G. L. (2009). The briefing, intraoperative teaching, debriefing model for teaching in the operating room. Journal American College of Surgeons, 208 (2), p299-303.
  • Roberts, N. K. (April 2008). Critique and Video Vignettes of Teaching Models for Extending Psychiatric Care for Children. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Telehealth Association.


  • Da Rosa, D., Simpson, D, Lund, M., Wendel, K, and Roberts, NK. (2011). Faculty Development. In Clerkship Director's Guidebook, B. Morgenstern, Ed.
  • Roberts, N. K. (2010). Documenting the trajectory of your teaching. In An Introduction to Medical Teaching, W. Jeffries and K. Huggett, Eds.


  • Han, H., Roberts, N., & Korte, R. (2013). Learning in the Real Place: Medical Students’ Learning and Socialization in Clerkships. CGEA. Cincinnati, OH, March 2013
  • Roberts, N. K. (April 2011) Outcomes Assessment 101. Presented at Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Roberts, N. K. (April 2011). Real Time Assessment in the Workplace. Presented at Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Roberts, N. K. (April 2011). Medical Teaching Academies and the Teaching Academies Movement. Discussion Group led at Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Roberts, N. K. (April 2011). Engaging Large Groups: Active Learning in the Large Lecture Room. Discussion group led at Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Roberts, N. K. (April 2011). Scholarship in Teaching: Scholarship Revisited, Including the Role of Teaching in Tenure and Promotion. Discussion group led at Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Roberts, N. K. (April 2011). Deep or Broad? Teaching Basic Sciences in a Clinical Curriculum. Discussion group led at Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Roberts, N.K. (December 2010). To Test or Not To Test: Making Consequential Decisions about the Underperforming Student. Presented at Aichi Medical University, Nagoya, Japan.
  • Roberts, N. K. (December 2009). Hit the Ground Running: A Faculty Development Series for SIU School of Medicine. Presented at Aichi Medical University, Nagoya, Japan.
  • Roberts, N. K. (September 2009). Scholarship in Education: Opportunities and Barriers. Presented at Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, Rootstown, Ohio.
  • Roberts, N. K. (February 2009). Facilitator Training for Problem Based Learning. City of Edmonton, CA.
  • Roberts, N. K. (June 2008). Here Come the Millenials. Association for Standardized Patient Educators Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.
  • Roberts, N. K. (August 2007) Facilitator Training for Problem Based Learning. Vanderbilt University.
  • Roberts, N. K, and Borgia, P. T. (February 2007) Problem Based Learning Workshop, Medical and Allied Health Faculty, King Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Nursing Clinical Simulation Laboratory at Memorial Medical Center, Department of Defense W81XWH-09-2-0089. $850,000. Reed G. Williams, PI. Nicole K. Roberts, Education Specialist, SIU Site Director
  • Cianciolo, A. T. (PI), & Roberts, N. K. (Co-PI). An Integrative, Multi-Disciplinary Review of Small-Group Collaborative Learning. Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education. Funded, $4000. November 2011 – October 2013.