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(Southern and Central Illinois Advisory Group for Ethics)
Direction, Vision, Clarity
Clinical Ethics Center (CEC) at Memorial Medical Center

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Southern & Central Illinois Advisory Group for Ethics

SAGE was founded on a commitment to providing equal access to high-quality services and professional Ethics experts without the high cost of starting and maintaining a dedicated Ethics Center. Thus, the purpose of SAGE is to advance the ethical practice of medicine through the development of a community ethics network. This ethics network:

  • Provides speakers, educational program, and educational resources to healthcare facilities and providers.
  • Advances the development of institutional ethics committees through education and guided self-assessment.
  • Promotes networking between individuals and institutions by sharing information and resources among members.
  • Encourages activities to strengthen and widen interest and expertise in clinical ethics.
  • Assists the achievement of organizational goals by creating real-life examples of Ethical Leadership.

SAGE Regional Network

SAGE’s professional Clinical Ethics consultants work with all levels of healthcare providers and healthcare agencies in Central and Southern Illinois.

Program Staff
J. M. Craig, Ph.D
Coordinator: Shilpa Shashidhara, Ph.D.
Clinical Ethicist: Christine Gorka, Ph.D.
Support: Laura Dillon

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Mailing address:

c/o: Clinical Ethics Center
Memorial Medical Center - Box #42
701 North 1st Street
Springfield, IL 62781-0001

Office: (217) 788-3868
Fax: (217) 757-2359
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Last Updated September 7, 2011
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