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(Southern and Central Illinois Advisory Group for Ethics)
Direction, Vision, Clarity
Clinical Ethics Center (CEC) at Memorial Medical Center

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SAGE offers personalized services, exclusively tailored for each institution’s individualized needs. All of these service are included in the Membership Benefit Package, however to provide the greatest flexibility, they can also be requested individually.

Medical Ethics Specialist Training
Enroll up to two persons for Ethics Specialist training. At the end of their training, these persons will be able to understand and actively interpret such crucial areas as: relevant Illinois healthcare laws, JCAHO standards, HIPAA requirements, the Patient Self-Determination Act, decisional capacity assessments and documentation, and other standards that apply in the area of healthcare.

Continuing Education

Three (3) times per year the Ethics Center will provide Certified Medical Education courses, both in person and via the Telehealth network for up to four persons from each membership institution. ($320)

Site visits & Organizational Programming

Each member can request a faculty member visit their institution to discuss and establish their ethics needs. Key components of an ethics strategy may include policy analysis, committee formation or revitalization, educational programming, review of conflict resolution procedures, end-of-life protocols, etc. ($1,250)

Skill Building Workshops

One half-day workshop per year is included as a membership benefit. Core faculty will focus on key issues that must be addressed by every institution. ($250)

Annual Conference
Specifically designed as an opportunity to network with other institutions, the annual meeting will provide key updates on legal matters and highlight achievements at member institutions. Faculty will provide state-of-the-art information on ethics you can use immediately.

Ethics Consultations
Up to five (5) phone consultations under 30 minutes each are included in the membership benefits. Staff will respond to your request within 24 hours. Additional and/or in-depth consultations may be available. ($500)

Awards for Excellence

The Award for Excellence in Medical Ethics will be given to outstanding members of SAGE who successfully complete the three (3) year program and/or who demonstrate an ongoing active integration of ethical analysis into patient-centered plans of care.


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