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Behavioral and Social Sciences
Resource Links

General Medical Information sites

  • The American Medical Association. Here is the home page:
  • AMA resources for medical students:
  • AMA resources on physician health:
  • The Mayo Clinic - It's, well, it's the Mayo Clinic - an extensive and user-friendly page:
  • Pain is part of medicine and a common trigger of many visits to doctors. Partners Against Pain "your around-the-clock resource for pain management":
  • Interesting overview of medicine page. Aetna's InteliHealth" (Aetna is a major insurance company). The page is a collaboration between Aetna and Harvard:
  • From Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston (a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School). The menu bar on this page includes “Diseases & Conditions” and “Health Information”:
  • Virtual Hospital (Univ. of Iowa ) A diverse and long-used site with lots of avenues to explore.
  • Also from the University of Iowa Hardin Library of the Health Science - the Hardin MD Medical Information and Pictures site. Extensive links, images and general information about medicine:
  • National Organization for Rare Disorders - information and links to over 1,000 disorders:
  • Home page for GBS/CIDP (Guillain-BarréSyndrome and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy - esp. good patient information as well as research updates for physicians):
  • Lupus Foundation of America, Illinois Chapter:
  • Home page for The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine:
  • American Association of Medical Colleges: And that site has a number of helpful pages for education, not the least of which is: It is a little hard to described MedEdPortal, because it is new and evolving, but its purpose is to be an online publication for teaching resources that will include everything from virtual patients to lab manuals. Some access requires a subscription. The portal is vailable on Twitter.
  • MedicineNet.Com - on-line, health care media publishing company. User friendly, extensive. Some nice user guides and a good dictionary. Some entries are trying to sell you things:
  • Med Help International - a not-for-profit group, bills itself as “world’s largest health community”. Has a number of tools and apps for tracking diet, exercise, BP, water consumption, etc.:
  • WebMD Health. Extensive and user friendly. Nice section on "quizzes and calculators" (both on-line and downloadable apps) that contains everything from a pregnancy calculator to diet estimates to allergy triggers. Try the "Dessert Wizard" - you tell it what you ate for dessert and it tells you what you have to do for how long to burn it off (would you believe walk an hour to burn off 2 oz of a banana split?):
  • Formerly associated with the AAMC, "HEAL" is now on its own - Health Education Assets Library - "is a digital library that provides freely accessible digital teaching materials of the highest quality that meet the needs of today's health sciences educators and learners." Sponsored by the University of Utah Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library and J. Willard Marriott Digital Library. Extensive, international, well-organized, good search engine, a very useful page:
  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy:
  • Medline Plus - You have probably already seen this, but it is an extensive and current site for everything from dictionaries to images:
  • From the Province of British Columbia , a web page from its Ministry of Health with extensive patient education pages:
  • Cyberbullying -
  • Medscape (emedicine) – tremendous resource, constantly being updated. Free membership, unlimited access on computers, tablets and smartphones:
  • German National Library of Medicine. If the page opens in German, click on the “English” button in the upper right, but be aware that some pages will always come up in German:
  • World Health Organization -
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