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Opthalmology Sites
  • Ever wonder what a lesion or paresis of a particular muscle or cranial nerve will yield in extraocular performance? Go here for some edifying demos - or its partner page
  • Eye Anatomy & Histology (Univ. of California at Berkeley) -
  • Eye Resources on the Internet (Univ. of Iowa) A portal to many, many sites compiled with the Assoc. of Vision Science Librarians:
  • Blindness Resource Center - New York Institute for Special Education - technology, web links and other resources for the disabled:
  • Digital Journal of Ophthalmology - articles, links, case studies and images:
  • Eyeatlas of Ophthalmology - a site designed to share images of the eye for whatever purpose you need.  Some simple schematics, a lot of real patient images, and some in-between.  Be careful, though, some of the real images of the eye, including trauma, are very unsettling:
  • Testing for Color Blindness.  This page takes a bit of getting used to, but it is an interesting way to both assess color blindness AND get a feel for what color blind patients can see or not see:
  • Here is a more traditional way to assess for Color Blindness.  It also provides good summaries of the types of color blindness as well as different ways to assess children:
  • Handbook of Ocular Disease Management:
  • National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health - data, studies, photos, grants, handouts and the VISION Public Information Network, among other things.  This page keeps getting better.  It has been updated recently and now includes an Interactive Eye Diagram and recent statistics on eye disorders and diseases.  Also note that unlike a lot of pages, the images and data on this page are designed to be shared.
  • The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO). Great research page. Also, their links page is extensive.
  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology. Extensive, changes frequently. Good links, wonderful section on patient information:
  • AgingEye Times - a newsletter. Very informative, probably raises issues you have not thought of, but you can bet your geriatric patients have:
  • EyeSearch - bills itself as "the ultimate eye and vision portal". Maybe, but besides wanting to sell you contacts, a big section of this page concentrates on providing some pretty diverse eye and vision information:
  • Visionary - a dictionary of terminology in vision research:
  • The Royal College Preparation Course, from McGill College Ophthalmology ( Montreal , Canada ).  Interesting web page with good summary lists and the best sound track ("Doctor My Eyes", by Jackson Browne).  A number of its pages have not been updated in several years, but the site is laid out well and it has some interesting "Top 10 Lists":
  • From the Eye Institute at Hartford Hospital ( Connecticut ) – some excellent images and patient education pages:
  • Lighthouse International - "the leader worldwide in helping people of all ages who are blind or partially sighted overcome the challenges of vision loss." - This group has been around for over a century and their entries on patient education are very good.
  • Vision Therapy, a page in the Optometrists Network:
  • Another page in the Optometrists Network, devoted completely to strabismus:
  • "Eye Information from A to Z", from St. Lukes Cataract and Laser Institute in Florida :

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