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  • Photo: Southern Illinois Family Medicine-CarbondaleSouthern Illinois Family Medicine - Carbondale occupies the entire second floor of the Professional Building of Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. Connected to the hospital by an enclosed walkway, other specialties located in the Professional Building include obstetrics, gynecology, neurology, thoracic surgery, otolaryngology, and orthopedics, as well as a rehabilitation facility.
    To enhance the team approach, ample space is available for consultations with both full-time and part-time faculty physicians. Residents also have an opportunity to work with a variety of other healthcare professionals, including psychologists, dietitians, social workers, and respiratory and physical therapists.
    The patient population is diverse. Patients have a wide range of educational, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Patients are from all occupations including migrant workers, coal miners, business people, farmers, and faculty and staff of the University. This diversity in the patient population provides residents with a multitude of experiences, assuring residents of a well-rounded and versatile practice.
    Some residents have continuity clinics at the program’s other full service office, Southern Illinois Family Medicine – West Frankfort. This Rural Health Clinic is 30 miles northwest of Carbondale and serves the needs of people in the West Frankfort and Benton areas.


  • Photo: Decatur Family Medicine ClinicThe Decatur Family Medicine Residency Program serves Macon County. The clinical practice is currently in the process of a complete redesign effort called the WOW Project. Patients are seen by 15 residents, five full-time physician faculty, and one half-time faculty physician. We provide Obstetric care and Newborn care. Approximatlely 20,000 patients are seen in the clinic each year, with about 1,000 hospital admissions.


  • Photo: Quincy Family Medicine ClinicThe Quincy Family Medicine Residency Program (QFMR) operates an ambulatory care clinic in Quincy that was designated a Rural Health Clinic in 2004. The clinic serves an estimated 11,000 patients per year and has approximately 33,000 visits each year. Faculty and residents also staff the East Adams County Rural Health Clinic in Golden, Illinois located approximately 30 miles northeast of Quincy. This clinic serves 5,000 patients per year with 10,000 visits each year.
    Blessing Hospital is the primary hospital affiliate and inpatient training site for the residency program. Blessing hospital physicians and other local physicians serve as preceptors to the residents in all other specialty areas.
    The East Adams County Rural Health Clinic is a full-service family medicine center 30 miles northeast of Quincy, serving the rural areas of Golden, Clayton, and Camp Point. Third-year residents have a longitudinal rural health experience at this federally-designated rural health center.


  • Photo: SIU Center for Family MedicineThe SIU Center for Family Medicine is the heart of our training program. The Center is located in a "neighborhood setting", ideally situated within walking distance of SIU School of Medicine, and the program's two affiliated hospitals; Memorial Medical Center and St. John's Hospital. At a little over 28,000 square feet, the Center has thirty three exam rooms, including a walk-in urgent care clinic for our established patients. There are two procedure suites equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing residents the capability of performing a number of different types of procedures. Teaching space includes a large classroom for weekly resident conferences, a conference room set up for telemedicine conferencing, and faculty supervision space adjacent to the resident office space. Each resident has their own individual area in a spacious residency office which is located adjacent to the resident clinical space. The residency office also has computers and a library available for residents to utilize.
    Within the Center for Family Medicine, close supervision by dedicated faculty ensures that each resident receives necessary help and guidance. Daily feedback is provided in a positive, creative, constructive manner. The resident will use the resources connected to the Center to investigate, analyze and integrate the solution for each patient's problem. The emphasis is on the Family Physician as the problem solver and the orchestrator/manager of all the resources available and needed. The Center facilitates our emphasis on continuous, comprehensive care that can be delivered effectively within the changing health care environment.
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