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Faculty and Physicians
Aldridge, Tracy, MD, Assistant Professor bio
Albers, Janet R., MD, Associate Professor bio
Arguelles, Cesar, MD, Assistant Professor bio
Arnold, Terry, MD, Assistant Professor

Baier, Max, CFNP/PA-C, Assistant Professor bio
Barnhart, Amber, MD, Associate Professor bio
Bolin, Barb, MA, LCPC, Instructor
Bradley, John, MD, MMM, Professor bio
Brenham, Careyana, MD, Assistant Professor bio

Daniels, James M. II, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACOEM, FACPM, Professor bio
Dunn, Laurie, PA-C, Certified Physician Assistant bio

Ellington, Charles Jr, MD, JD, Assistant Professor
Ewart, Robert M., MD, Associate Professor bio

Friye, Pamela, DO, Assistant Professor bio

Gail, Donna, APRN, BC, ANP, Clinical Instructor
Gleason, Christopher L., MD, Associate Professor bio
Goddard, Jerry, MD, Assistant Professor
Graham, David, MD, Assistant Professor
Gunzel, Yolanda, MSW, LCSW bio

Hanna, Becky, PA-C, Instructor
Hartman, John D., MD, Assistant Professor bio
Hoffman, M. Rebecca, MD, MSPH, Assistant Professor bio
Holmes, Robert, DO, PhD, Professor Emeritus

Junker, Jessie, MD, MBA, Associate Professor bio

Kewney, Rhonda, LCSW bio
Killam, Beth, CNM, MSN bio
Klein, Susan, MD, Assistant Professor bio

Lausen, Harald, DO, MA, FACOFP, FAAFP, Assistant Professor bio
Law, Laura, PA-C, Certified Physician Assistant bio
Ledbetter, Cynthia, MSN, CFNP, Assistant Professor bio
Longlett, Shirley, LCPC, Assistant Professor bio
Lopp, Lauri Fick, MD, Assistant Professor bio

Mackrides, Paula, DO, Assistant Professor bio
Matthews, Wayne, MS, PA-C, Certified Physician Assistant, Clinical Assistant Professor
Miller, Brooke A., PA-C Certified Physician Assistant bio
Miller, Kathleen, MD, MS.Ed, Assistant Professor
Miller, Thomas, MD, Associate Professor bio
Moore-Connelley, Marci, MD, Assistant Professor bio
Moose, Helen, MSN, Certified Nurse Midwife, Instructor bio
Morthland, Tim, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor bio

Naing, Kyaw, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor bio

Oakley, Theresa, MS, PA-C, Certified Physician Assistant bio
Olson, Cameron C., MD, Associate Professor bio

Phillips, Debra, MD, Professor bio

Rowley, Jetuan L., MD, Assistant Professor bio

Schonewolf, Scott, DO, Assistant Professor bio
Scott, Quincy O. Jr, DO, Associate Professor bio
Smaga, Sharon, MD, Associate Professor bio
Stanton, Ra Nae, MD, Assistant Professor bio

Thomas, Cynthia, MD, Assistant Professor bio
Tippy, Penelope K., MD, Professor bio

Werner, Linda, BSN, MSW, LCSW, Instructor bio
White, Donna, MD, Assistant Professor bio

Yociss, Kendra, PharmD, Assistant Professor

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