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New Research
  • Jenkins WD, Rabins C, Gaydos C. Internet-based STD intervention in rural Illinois counties [proposal]
  • Jenkins WD, Zalisko E, Gaydos C. University SOV study [proposal]
  • Shea S. (Co-P.I.) with McCann-Stone N, Robinson S, Rosher R, Rull G. Developing caring attitudes in medical students: Aging couple across the curriculum.
  • Lausen H. Student and Preceptor Perceptions about Using Online Evidence-Based Products
  • Lausen H, et al. Student Perceptions Regarding Faculty Observed Physical Exams
  • Smith T, Lausen H. A Longitudinal Assessment of Student Performance on a PubMed Literature Search
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  • Morthland T, Shea S, Gunzel Y. studying polypharmacy and depression induction in the geriatric population
  • Humphrey J, Morthland T. core stability and injury prediction
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  • Hoffman R. Residents in trouble
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  • Myers T. Impact of Impedance Cardiography (ICG) on Hypertension Management
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