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Memory and Geriatric Assessment Clinic

About the Memory and Geriatric Assessment Clinic

The Memory and Geriatric Assessment Clinic is designed to provide evaluation and care coordination services for individuals with memory problems and their families. Available services include:

  • Consultation
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Treatment options
  • Referral to social services
  • Supportive counseling

Who Should Be Evauluated?

The only way to diagnose the cause of the memory problem is to have a thorough evaluation/assessment. Although Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, there are several other causes, a few of which may be reversible. A person aged 60 years or older who is concerned about memory issues is an appropriate patient for the evaluation.

What Does The Evaluation Involve?

  • Detailed medical and social history
  • Physical and neurological exam
  • Memory testing
  • Blood tests and referral for imaging if needed

How Long Does It Take?

The evaluation usually takes 1.5 hours. A staff member will call 1-2 days prior to the appointment to collect background medical and social information. It is helpful for a family member or close friend to come to the appointment with the patient. The assessment is usually done by a physician and licensed clinical social worker.

Does Insurance Cover The Evaluation?

Normal Medicare or insurance co-payments and deductibles apply.


Memory and Geriatric Assessment Clinic Faculty

Kyaw Naing, MD, PHD

Sharon Smaga, MD