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SIU Medicine Decatur - Center for Family Medicine


We are pleased you have chosen us as your medical home. 

The SIU Medicine Decatur Center for Family Medicine was established in 1978 at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. We are a group of family medicine specialists, trained to care for your entire family. 

We focus on each family member’s total well-being. In addition to caring for your medical needs, we emphasize patient education and prevention of illness.


Your Health Care Team

You and your family will be assigned to one personal provider, who is a part of your health care team. Providers are grouped together with nurses and medical assistants to form your team.

Your personal provider could be a faculty physician, a resident physician, a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. Our faculty physicians are board-certified specialists in family medicine.  Resident physicians are medical school graduates who are receiving advanced training in family medicine, which takes three years. 

You will be seen by your personal provider whenever possible. In the event your provider is away, teaching or learning, every effort will be made for you to be seen by a provider on your team.


SIU FQHC Mission Statement

The SIU Center for Family Medicine serves all the health care needs of our patients and our communities in a compassionate and affordable environment.


Our Location

SIU Medicine Decatur - Center for Family Medicine
102 W. Kenwood Ave, Suite 100
Decatur, Il 62526