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The Patient-centered Medical Home

The Patient-centered Medical Home is a term that describes the healthcare systems historically developed by Family Physicians.
It is defined by the following seven characteristics:Doctor With Family

  • First Contact Care – Our patients turn to us first for their healthcare needs.
  • Patient-Centered Care Over Time – Continuous care for health and illness occurs in the context of our patients, their family and their community.
  • Comprehensive Care – We provide our patients a broad range of medical services.
  • Coordinated Care – We work together as teams, and develop relationships outside our practice to ensure our patients the best specialized medical care.
  • Family-Centered Care – We provide care of all members of nuclear and extended families.
  • Community-Oriented Care – We provide care for all in our communities and assess the needs of the populations we serve.
  • Cultural competence - The degree to which the biopsychosocial model is employed and health belief models are addressed.