SIU OB/GYN Faculty

If testing determines that the female partner does not have sufficient or good quality eggs to get pregnant, the couple may choose oocyte donation as an alternative.  Anonymous donor’s eggs and the male partner’s sperm are combined during the IVF process.  When the resulting fertilized eggs develop into embryos, they are transferred to the female partner to carry the pregnancy.  Our patients can select from our screened, healthy young egg donors; or they may have a friend or family member donate eggs for them.  Donors undergo extensive genetic and medical testing and complete a thorough questionnaire prior to being admitted as donors to ensure their health.

There are different types of egg donation:

Anonymous Oocyte Donation - Couples may choose to have the oocyte donor remain unknown to them.

Shared Oocyte Donation - Women younger than 35 who will undergo IVF may choose to share their eggs anonymously with women who cannot produce eggs. Each woman receives eggs fertilized with her partners own sperm. The egg donor and the egg recipient share the cost of the IVF treatment, and it remains anonymous.

Known Egg Donor - Patients may choose a sister, family member, or a friend to be the egg donor.