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The Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Global Health Program will facilitate the efforts being made by the faculty, staff and students of the school as well as others in the community.


Education and Training

  1. Develop a forum within the school to share experiences and exchange ideas related to global health
  2. Explore and facilitate healthcare and education related visits of US students and faculty overseas
  3. Explore and assist with need based education and training of health care workers overseas
  4. Investigate potential development of exchange programs

Patient Care

  1. Provide specialist services by physicians and healthcare workers in underserved parts of the world
  2. Explore the potential for development of exchange programs


  1. Develop research collaborations with medical schools overseas
  2. Help those in underserved areas develop their research programs and strengthen their research capabilities to enable both parties to develop joint venture research at a multinational level
  3. Provide help with training researchers from other countries
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