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First Week

Collaborate with your manager

Work with them to identify your first assignments and how you can begin making immediate contributions.

Introduction to Department / Meet the Team / Tour of Your Area

Upon arrival to your department, you will meet with your supervisor and be given a tour of your department. Your supervisor will also go over your specific job duties and expectations; your schedule and hours of work, breaks and lunch hours; how to prepare a time sheet and related procedures; go over the process for requesting time off, submitting a leave slip (i.e., Civil Service Form or Faculty & Principal Administrative Form) and call-in procedures; and how to track your benefit time.

Insurance Forms

New employees have 10 days from the date of hire to make their insurance elections and 6 months to choose a retirement plan under the State Universities Retirement System. See the Benefits Information Intranet Page for more information.

Initial Training and Policies / Guidelines

Discuss department-specific policies and procedures, mission, goals, checklists and any competencies required.


Employees and students are required to display a valid parking decal on any vehicle parked on campus lots. Decals are available for purchase at the Security Office located at 801 Rutledge.

Information Systems Training

You will receive your email, computer access passwords, introduction to the school Intranet site, and