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Insurance Benefits

Life Insurance

The State of Illinois provides each eligible employee, at no cost, one unit of term insurance, a unit equaling the employee's base annual salary. The employee may elect additional coverage of up to 8 units of term life and up to 4 units of accidental death and dismemberment insurance. State term life insurance includes a provision allowing payment of up to half the policy's face value to a terminally ill employee whose life expectancy is 6 months or less. Spouse coverage of up to $10,000 and dependent child coverage of $10,000 is also available. The optional employee life insurance is portable upon termination of employment.  The plan is administered by Securian/Minnesota Life. 

Health Insurance

As employees of a public university in the State of Illinois, our benefits are managed by Central Management Services with the State of Illinois.  There are various insurance plans available ranging from HMO, OAP and PPO.  The cost for each of the plans is based upon the employee's annual salary and the number of dependents they are covering on their plan.  Prescription benefits are included in each of the health plans.

Dental Insurance

The Quality Care Dental Plan (QCDP) is a dental plan that offers a comprehensive range of benefits administered by Delta Dental of Illinois.  All members and enrolled dependents have the same dental benefits available under the QCDP regardless of the health plan selected.  Plan participants enrolled in the dental plan can choose any dental provider for services, however, plan participants may pay less out-of-pocket when they receive services from a network provider.

Optional Life Insurance Benefits

University employees may also purchase university-sponsored term life insurance in units of $5,000, up to five times the employee's annual salary or $200,000, whichever is less. Also available is spouse coverage up to $200,000, child coverage up to $10,000, and individual or full family accidental death and dismemberment insurance.


Vision Care Benefit is provided free to all eligible employees.  The Plan is administered by EyeMed Vision Care and provides a benefit for vision examinations, spectacle lenses, frames and contact lenses with co-payments when services are provided by EyeMed member doctors.  There is no premium cost to the employee or dependents covered under the group health plan.  The plan also covers annuitants and survivors. Eye exams and replacement lenses are covered once every 12 months from the last date the exam benefit was used.  Standard frames are available once every 24 months from the last date used.  Copayments are required.

For detailed information on all insurance benefits, please visit the State Benefit Choice website. Once there, click on “State Employee Insurance and Benefit Programs”.

Insurance Benefits Frequently Asked Questions