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Illinois Ethics Act


The Southern Illinois University Ethics Office in Carbondale, IL, is responsible for providing complete and up-to-date information to the University campus regarding ethical issues. SIU Ethics Office Website

On December 9, 2003, the Governor of the State of Illinois signed into law a bill outlining the ethical requirements of all State employees. This bill now known as the State Ethics Act or Public Act 93-617 implements procedures to increase ethics awareness, oversight, and enforcement. The Act also strengthens the previous gift ban provisions of State law by reducing the number of exceptions that were contained in the rules governing the acceptance of gifts by State employees. In addition, the Act introduces restrictions on activities such as:

  • Political activities during work time
  • Lobbyist activity and service on boards and commissions
  • Employment by outside "vendors" of ex-State employees who formerly were involved in procurement decisions regarding those vendors

Finally, the Act strengthens protection for legitimate "whistle blowers".

As part of the Act, employees are expected to be informed about the Act and to, in general, receive information concerning ethics. Ethics training will be held periodically starting in October 2004.

Employees with questions about how the Ethics Act affects them or with requirements for more information should contact the SIU School of Medicine's Office of Compliance and Ethics by calling 545-8532.


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