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Information Resources

Med Student SIUMED and SIUC Account Information


SIUMED Email Account

SIUC Network ID

SIUC Email Account

Account       Information


Password   Information


Expires every 180 days

Expires every 365 days

Does not expire

Special Notes

This email account is used for:

  1. all SIUMED correspondence
  2. to logon to Tutor Room PCs in Carbondale and Springfield
  3. secure SIUMED websites

Use the Network ID for:

  1. SalukiNet –
  2. SIUC wireless network
  3. SIUC campus printing services
  4. SIUC Morris Library computers
  5. D2L:

When you claim your Network ID you will be prompted to create an email, if you have been enrolled in classes.

Forward this email account to your email account to get all password expiration notices:

Web Sites

SIUMED Dashboard
Provides links to

  • SIUMED Webmail
  • Change SIUMED Password
  • Email Client Configuration


Before using your network id you should "claim" it. Instructions

Information Technology Service Center (SIUC)

SIUC Webmail

Information Technology Service Center (SIUC)