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SIUMED and SIUC Account Information for Students


SIUMED Email Account

SIUC Network ID

SIUC Email Account

Account       Information

Your Network ID is SIU + Dawg Tag

Your Dawg Tag # = SIU85x-xx-xxxx

Password   Information


Expires every 180 days

Expires every 365 days

Same password as SIUC Network ID

Special Notes

This email account is used for:

  1. All SIUMED email correspondence
  2. Access to SOM Student computers and MRC PCs in Lindegren
  3. secure SIUMED websites

Use the Network ID for:

  1. SIUC Email Account
  2. SalukiNet –
  3. SIUC wireless network
  4. SIUC campus printing services
  5. SIUC Morris Library computers
  6. D2L:

After you’ve been registered for classes
*medstudents this will be around mid-July

  • Log into
  • Click on Manage Email
  • Create your email acct

Forward this email account to your @SIUMED email account to get all password expiration notices:


Web Sites

Outlook Web App (OWA)

SIUMED Dashboard
Academic links (ePBLM, D2L, SalukiNet, ...)

Email FAQ (quotas, mobile devices,...)


Before using your Network ID you must ‘claim’ it. Instructions:

SIUC Webmail

Office 365 includes free Microsoft Office Applications  

Information Technology Service Center (SIUC)