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Requesting Banner Accounts for SIU School of Medicine

If you need to use the new SIUC Banner student information system for your work with medical, MedPrep, or graduate students, you will need a Banner account.  Receiving access to a Banner account requires several steps, which are outlined below. These instructions are customized for School of Medicine users.

1.  Banner Training:  You must have completed Banner training, before a Banner account will be created for you.  Information on Banner training is available at: .

[Note: In order to register for Banner access, you will need to use an account ( e-mail addresses will not work with the sign-up process).  All School of Medicine employees are eligible for accounts.  If you already have an account, please skip to step 5.]

2.  Determine your Dawg Tag number:  Before getting an account, you will need to know your Dawg Tag.  Go to

3.  Request a Network ID: Go to and enter the required information (you will need your Dawg Tag here).  The pin is the same as you used in the Dawg Tag look-up.  Be sure to check the box that says you've read and agree to the policies.  You will receive a pop-up box that explains the composition of the temporary password that has been assigned to your user id; be sure to make a note of that information.

4.  Establish password for Network ID:  There is an approximate 30 minute lag before your account is active.  After that interval, you may log-in ( and change your password (  Tip:  You must enroll in the "forgotten password service" before you can change your password.  Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.  Also, it's a good idea to forward your account to your account, so you will receive password expiration notices, etc.  This is done through the Message Organizer (  Additional instructions on this and the preceding steps are available at: .

5.  Request a Banner account.  Go to .  Use your net id and password to log in.  Check the Banner box.  You are also asked for a departmental authorization.  If your supervisor does not have an account ( will not work), please use  SIUC Banner personnel have authorized Connie Poole to approve Banner accounts for the School of Medicine.