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Forwarding SIUMED email to a non-SIUMED email account in Webmail

SIU School of Medicine is not responsible for the handling or security of e-mail forwarded to other e-mail providers.  Incoming messages to the School of Medicine from external e-mail providers may be marked as spam and the user's SIU School of Medicine affiliation may not be apparent to  recipients.

Your SIUMED e-mail account may be accessed from any computer with Internet access.
Use your web browser to connect to the following address:

Create Your Own Forwarding Filter
    • Click on "Filters" menu and click the "New Rule" button.
    • For Rule Name enter "Forwarding".
    • Under For an incoming message that matches: select "Any of the following"
    • From the "Select a field" drop down box select:
      • To from the drop down box
      • Contains from the drop down box
      • Enter your: siumed email userid in the third text box. For example: jdoe
    • Under Do this: select Redirect to
    • Enter the name of your non-SIUMED email account that you want your email forwarded to. For example: ""



    • Click "Save" button. Now you have a new Filter Rule for your list