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SIUMED Webmail Use and Features

Your SIUMED e-mail account may be accessed from any computer with Internet access.
Use your web browser to connect to the following address:

Context sensitive help is available by clicking on the float icon float.gifwherever it appears or on the help button on the upper right. 

Menu Items Explained
Auto Completion of Email Addresses
Vacation Filters
Spam Filters
HELP! I'm Over Quota!

After you login you will see a window like this and the contents of your INBOX:

leftmenu.gif webmailinbox.gif

Menu Items Explained

  • Compose
Compose an email.
Your email including any subfolders you have set up for organizing email.
  • Search Mail
Search your INBOX and/or subfolders for mail based on search criteria you specify.
  • Filters
Filter email based on a whitelist or a blacklist. Automatically forward incoming email to specific addresses. Set up an automatic response while you are on vacation.
  • Address Book
Set up your own personal email address book and search for SIUMED email addresses listed in the SIUMED LDAP directory server.
  • Calendar
Logon to SIUMED Web Calendar
  • Jiffy Directory
View the SIUMED Jiffy Directory to look up contact information on SIUMED faculty, staff, and residents.
My Account
  • Password
Change your SIUMED email password. (note: also changes your Calendar password.)
Options to customize your webmail set up: General, Message, and Other.
Log out
Remember to logout when finished using WebMail. If you don't other people may be able to read your email.

Horizontal Icons at top of Webmail not featured in Menu Items above

Manage Folders - create, rename, delete and more.
Send a Problem Report to the SIUMED Webmail administrator if you are having problems with Webmail.
The HELP section is very well written. Read about many webmail features.

Special Tips