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Content Types

A visual guide to content types. Select the most specific content type for the content you are entering.

Basic Page

A basic page is the most unstructured content type. Use this content type to create a stand-alone webpage when another content type cannot be used. Basic pages are frequently used to build "wall of words" pages. Sample


Create a basic page

Calendar Event

A calendar event. The event is added to the calendar for your committee, department, group or unit you select when you create the event. Calendar events will fall off once the event date/time has passed, but they must be unpublished or deleted to be removed from the site. Sample

Create a calendar event

Call to Action

Calls to Action appear as "slider" images on the SIU HealthCare and SIU SOM homepages and department homepages. When possible, try to limit the number of published CTAs to between 3-5 to improve performance. Sample

Create a call to action


Academic faculty bios. This bio is seperate from the Doctor provider on the SIU Medicine site. Sample

Create a faculty bio

Featured Page


This is the feature page content type. To use this content type, attach a CTA for page banner and create Feature Article Items and attach them to this page. Sample

Create a featured page


Add a new downloadable form to your web space. A description and instructions are required. An option PDF can be attached. Sample

Create a form


Use this to post a news article to the site. Sample

Create a highlight


Create a location for a specific unit. This location should also be very specific. Building information is automatically provided. Include your specific location, phone, hours, etc. Sample

Create a place

Policies and Guidelines

Policies are content types specific to SIU. Use this option to create and share a policy or guideline. There is also an option to provide a link to downloadable a copy of the policy. Do not use this to upload a form. Use the form type instead. Sample

Create a policy/guideline


Create a process page. Process pages are special web pages that are used to document a process. This could be simple text instructions or something more interactive that includes links to other content or images and video. Use Process to create a web page which can be text, tables, flowcharts, screens, external/internal links to other URL. Sample

Create a process


A content type to hold a YouTube video. Sample

Create a video