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Hiring Process

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Civil Service Vacancies

  • 1. Application
  • 2. Testing
  • 3. Interview & Hire
  • 4. Orientation

Applying for a Civil Service Job at SIU-SOM

The Office of Human Resources does all of the recruitment and hiring for Civil Service vacancies. Completion of the Application for Civil Service Employment is the first step toward consideration for employment. Our application form has been carefully designed to gather information we believe is necessary to determine whether or not an applicant appears to be a viable candidate for employment opportunities at SIU School of Medicine. Accordingly, we will be unable to process any application for which the instructions have not been followed.


  • Provide complete employment history
  • Explain any gaps in employment
  • Answer all questions on the application form
  • Proofread before submitting
  • Read signature statement carefully and sign

Other Reasons We May Choose Not To Process An Application:

  • Unsatisfactory work record
  • Certain types of criminal convictions
  • Misrepresentation of or conflicting information provided

Other information related to the Civil Service application process:

Background Investigations: Most positions at SIU School of Medicine require a criminal background investigation as a condition of employment.

Employment Eligibility: All persons hired are required to provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States within the first 3 days of employment in order to comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

Disabilities - Reasonable Accommodation: If you believe that you may require a reasonable accommodation during the application, testing, or interviewing process, please notify the Office of Human Resources at 545-0223 prior to the date needed so that appropriate arrangements may be made.

Out-of-State Applicants: Applicants for university Civil Service employment must be citizens or residents of the state of Illinois.

Probationary Period: All Civil Service employees are required to complete a probationary period of either six or twelve months duration, depending on the job title.

Veterans Preference on Exams: To determine eligibility for veterans preference points on employment exams, you must submit a legible copy of your discharge papers (DD214, DD215 or NGB22), which lists the branch of service, dates of service, and character of discharge. This is the only purpose for which these forms will be used.

Information for Annuitants: If you are a current annuitant from an employer that was covered by the Department of Central Management Services (CMS) benefits, it is your responsibility to contact representatives at your retirement system and CMS to determine whether or not your annuity or insurance benefits will be impacted if rehired within the same system.

Testing For Civil Service Vacancies

All Civil Service vacancies require the completion of a pre-employment exam to determine an applicant's eligibility to interview, which is based upon their exam score.

Currently, there are 3 basic types of Civil Service exams:

  • Manual, Written Exam
  • The applicant is scheduled to come into Human Resources and sit for a hand-written exam that may consist of multiple-choice or true/false knowledge questions, observation or proofreading components, written examples of work skills or attributes, or other written components. Maximum time limits for completing such exams range from 1.5 hours to 4 hours.
    Note: If the job title requires typing ability, an automated keyboarding exam will also be administered. If you would like to practice your typing skills,you can access the New Silverlight Practice typing test we use on our campus at the following link. Click Here
  • Electronic, Written Exam
  • The applicant is scheduled to come into Human Resources and sit for a computerized exam. These exams consist of multiple-choice and true/false knowledge questions. To accommodate applicants for positions that do not require a knowledge of the keyboard, these exams have been designed to require only that the applicant use the mouse to point and click on the answer. Certain titles also contain a credentials assessment component that is scored after the applicant completes the electronic exam. Maximum time limits for completing such exams range from 1 hour to 3 hours.
  • Note: If the job title requires typing ability, an automated keyboarding exam will also be administered. If you would like to practice your typing skills, you can access the New Silverlight Practice typing test we use on our campus at the following link. Click Here
  • Note: If you are taking an exam in the accountant or clerical series, there are study guides and practice tests available at the following link. Click Here
  • Credentials Assessment Exam
  • The applicant does not return to Human Resources for a written exam, but rather is assigned an exam score based upon an assessment of their credentials. For this reason it is critical that all education, employment, and licensure information be provided by the applicant at the time of application. For certain types of positions, an Addendum form is also required, in an effort to provide the level of detailed information needed for accurately assessing credentials.
What you MAY bring with you to an exam:
  • • Updated resume
  • • Current transcripts for higher education
  • • Certificates for completed workshops & training courses
What you may NOT bring with you to an exam:
  • • Cell phone or other electronic communication devices
  • • Calculator (provided at testing site)
  • • Children

If an applicant meets the minimum qualifications to sit for a specific Civil Service exam, s/he will be contacted regarding the date and time that the exam will be administered. Because of the need to fill vacancies as quickly as possible, there are not many opportunities for rescheduling examinations; however, applicants are welcome to call to inquire if they absolutely cannot make a scheduled exam time.

If the required exam is a credentials assessment, the applicant will only receive an exam score by email once their application materials have been screened, evaluated and entered into our automated system.

Interviewing for a Civil Service Job at SIU-SOM

Numerical examination scores are used to determine who is eligible to be referred to the hiring department for a job interview. The three persons in highest standing on the employment register for a specific title are eligible for referral (in the case of tied scores, all persons at that score are referred). Most employment registers are a composite of scores from previously tested applicants and recently tested applicants; however, certain employment registers are voided after each hire is made.

Contacting Applicants

Once all new applicants for a vacancy have been tested and scores added to the employment register, the "top 3" candidates interested and eligible for referral are identified (more in the case of tied scores) and their application materials are sent to the hiring department. Applicants generally will be contacted by Human Resources prior to referral to determine their interest in interviewing for a specific vacancy if their score is reached. Applicants will then be contacted by the hiring department to schedule an interview if they are referred. Applicants do not have to accept an interview to stay active on the employment list; however, they do have to respond to any phone message or written notice sent to inquire about their interest.

If you have been contacted to schedule an interview and have not already reviewed the Position Description for the vacancy, it is available to view here until the position is filled.

Interviewing Applicants

An interview team, consisting of the immediate supervisor, other appropriate supervisors or administrators, and sometimes peers or subordinates, will interview each candidate for a specific vacancy. Occasionally scheduling is complicated by the availability of all interviewers at the same time; therefore, this process may take some time. Once interviews have been completed, the interview team meets with a Human Resources professional to discuss each candidate. Once a selection is made or the candidates narrowed, employment references are checked and a final hire decision is made.

Making a Hire

The hiring department notifies Human Resources of their selected candidate, the offer salary authorized and the desired effective date. Once any required background investigation has cleared, Human Resources will contact the applicant by phone to extend the hire offer. Applicants are typically asked to provide Human Resources with a decision within 24 hours.

Note: Only the Office of Human Resources is authorized to make an official offer of employment for Civil Service positions.

New Employee Orientation at SIU-SOM

All new employees start work on a Monday. The first day will be spent in Human Resources participating in New Employee Orientation (NEO). After accepting an offer of employment, the new employee will receive notification by email of their job details and NEO events and be directed to log on the online system to complete the New Hire documents attached to their account. These documents must be completed prior to the employee’s NEO date. New employees should pay close attention to the listing of documentation they are required to bring their first day of employment.

All new employees are also provided at NEO with a list of additional mandatory training sessions that must be completed at other specified times. Attendance at mandatory training sessions are tracked and recorded.

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