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Medical Library / Information & Communication Sciences

SIU Medical Library Conference Rooms

Network Access

All the conference rooms are covered by the wireless network. Network jacks are available, upon request, in each room for connecting computers to the Internet.

Telephone Access and Equipment

Both the Stevenson and Dirksen Conference Rooms have conference phones installed.  A calling code is needed for long distance calls. 


Dirksen Conference Room

  • Maximum seating capacity, 35.
  • Located in the southeast corner of the Medical Library, on the fourth floor of the 801 building.
  • To schedule, contact, 545-0584 or schedule on Oracle Calendar.

Stevenson Conference Room

  • Maximum seating capacity: 20.
  • Located in the Library media area of the Medical Library on the fourth floor of the 801 N. Rutledge building.

Conference Room Suite

A suite of library conference rooms is located in the southeast corner of the medical library, on the fourth floor of the 801 building. The suite consists of three rooms, which are listed below.

All three rooms have the following features:

Collapseable walls: The side walls of the rooms can collapse to merge with adjacent rooms. All three rooms can be connected to create a larger room for groups that need more space. (picture of larger room)

Whiteboards: Whiteboards installed on one or two walls. These can be used to create visual aids for lectures or conferences. (picture of whiteboards)

Spotlights: A group of three spotlights with adjustabled brightness positioned to illuminate the whiteboards. Brightness can be adjusted for these lights as well. (picture of spotlights)

Reserving the Rooms

Reserve the rooms through Oracle Calendar.

To reserve a conference room, in addition to other equipment you may need (i.e. laptop computers, projectors, digital cameras), call 217.545.2658.

More information on conference rooms at SIU School of Medicine can be found at (SIUSM access only)

SIU Medical Library | 801 N Rutledge St.,Springfield, IL 62702 | (217)-545-2658