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Medical Library / Information & Communication Sciences

Publishing Evidence-Based Information for the Smart Device

4th Year Medical Elective


Family Physician Inquiries Network (FPIN) Consortium makes available the combination of evidence-based family medicine and clinical scholarship to family physicians in clinical practice. FPIN members are made up of faculty physicians, residents, medical students and librarians who together research the literature and pull together the evidence on numerous topics in different formats to be used by family physicians.

This elective's purpose is to research, write and publish topics for the FPIN eMedRef program. eMedRef is a publication on medical topics written for smart devices for family physicians to use at the bedside. In this elective the student will meet with a faculty member to learn about FPIN requirements and to choose a topic. The student will research the topic through systematic searches of the literature and write the eMedRef in the required format. The publication will be submitted to FPIN for acceptance. Once accepted the student will have a publication to include on his/her CV.


  1. Develop a practical evidence-based handheld information resource for family physicians to use at the point of care.
  2. Learn how to systematically search the evidence-based literature.
  3. Develop skills with Bibliographic Management software.
  4. Develop an understanding of copyright and intellectual property concepts and their effect on the communication practices of physicians.


  1. Student meets with faculty halfway through elective to discuss research methods and progress.
  2. Submission of a completed eMedRef publication for review by faculty.


Student contacts faculty 4 WEEKS prior to beginning elective. (Web site access given to student to choose question that will be researched. Question will be submitted to FPIN for acceptance before elective begins.)


Careyana Brenham, MD
Carol Gordon, MS
Lydia Howes




Minimum: 2
Maximum: 6


Extended Elective, 1 block


0.5 traditional credit awarded

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