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Medical Library / Information & Communication Sciences

Telemedicine and Technology in the Clinical Setting

4th Year Medical Elective


Telemedicine is a rapidly developing application of clinical medicine and is playing an increasing role in providing expert consultative care to rural and underserved communities within Illinois and around the world.

The Telemedicine and Technology in the Clinical Setting elective is designed for medical students to garner experiences for integration of telecommunications, new technologies, and electronic patient record and health exchange systems in the delivery of medical practice. These experiences will provide a unique opportunity for students to learn how technology is used to reach remotely located patient populations, and will advance student proficiency in focused history and physical exam skills using digital information associated with primary care.

Additionally, this experience will enhance the students' basic understanding of telemedicine and the importance of patient record privacy as information is shared across electronic channels. The elective will include telemedicine clinical encounters utilizing simulated patients, lectures, guest speakers and outside reading. With the exception of the first day which will be devoted to equipment introduction, there will be an hour lecture each day, followed by two hours of simulated patient telemedicine clinic.


  1. The student will expand the use and practice of general medicine physical exam skills in a telemedicine setting.
  2. The student will gain knowledge of and practical experience in the use of integrated telecommunication and electronic information management for providing medical care.
  3. The student will learn about new collaborative medical technology and health information exchange systems.


Evaluation will be based on general internal medicine assessment criteria, including but not limited to:

  1. Communication with the patient.
  2. Physical exam skills.
  3. Discussing clinical information and diagnosis with the attending physician.
  4. Self assessment skills.
  5. Preparation for classroom discussion.
  6. A logbook will be kept for each patient encounter.


Successful completion of ALL third-year clerkships


Contact responsible facutly TWO WEEKS before beginning the elective.


Glenn E Groesch




Alan Deckard MD and other Internal Medicine physicians


Minimum: 1
Maximum: 4


Extended Elective, 1 block


0.5 traditional credit awarded

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