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Medical Library, Room 4175, 801 N Rutledge

Searching PubMed

THURS, Oct 24, 2019, @1:30-2:30pm

Learn how to search more effectively for journal articles in PubMed. MeSH (Medical Subject Headings), limits, subheadings, LinkOut to full text and saved searches are included in this class. You can find the class handouts at

Most classes are video-conferenced to Lindegren 303 or 310 in Carbondale and can also be video-conferenced to other SOM sites with prior arrangement.

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Medical Library, Room 4175, 801 N Rutledge

EndNote Citation Manager

WED, Oct 29, 2019, @1:30-3:00pm

Learn how to use EndNote to search and download citations from PubMed, I-Share, and Web of Science. In addition the class will cover importing citations from databases, producing bibliographies and using the EndNote plugin in Word while writing papers. You can find the class handout at:

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