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Medical Library / Information & Communication Sciences

Google Scholar @ SIU Medical Library

Google Scholar can link to full-text journals at the SIU Medical Library

On campus, users of Google Scholar automatically see full text link "Find It @ SIUSM" and interlibrary loan link "Check Holdings@ SIUSM" in addition to direct link to PDF or html full texts.

  • If the Medical Library has full text, users can either click directly on the full text link, or click on "Get It @ SIUSM" to get full text.
  • If the Medical Library does not have full text, the link "Get Help @ SIUSM " takes users to a page with links to the Interlibrary Loan form and to search the catalog for print copy.

Off campus, to set up SIU Medical Library links,

  • Go to the Google Scholar home page.
  • Click on "Scholar Preferences" by the Search button.
  • From "Library Links" or "Find Library" box , find Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and set preferences.
  • "Find It @ SIUSM" and "Check Holdings @ SIUSM" will then appear in search results.

Try Advanced Search to specify searches by author, date, publication, subject, or exact phrase.

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