Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Statement on Legitimate Uses of University-owned Computers and Networks

Network capacity is a shared and necessary resource for the School of Medicine. The School of Medicine pays for access and bandwidth to use the Internet. When the limit of our allocated bandwidth is reached, slower Internet response time is experienced by all users.

Users are reminded that university-owned computers and networks (including dial-in access) are restricted to work- and study-related use. In particular, University-owned equipment and networks should not be used for:

  • personal arts and entertainment (e.g., Internet games, movies);
  • streaming audio and/or video to the desktop, including CNN broadcasts, Internet radio, and background music;
  • non-SIU related downloading of large files, particularly multimedia (movies, music);
  • and file sharing applications, such as iMesh, Morpheus, Warex P2P, WinMX, and Limewire.

When such use is detected, it will be vigorously pursued. As an institution, we cannot afford to pay for additional bandwidth to accommodate illegitimate use, nor can we afford to have legitimate University work impeded by such use.

*The SIU Board of Trustees policy on use of electronic information systems states:

“Southern Illinois University takes justifiable pride in the electronic information systems provided to its faculty, staff, and students. These resources include computer systems, university-owned computers and workstations, software, data sets, and communications networks. Members of the university community may use these resources only for purposes related to their studies, instruction, the discharge of duties as employees, official business with the university, or other university-sanctioned activities. Any other use, unless specifically authorized, is prohibited.”

“Examples of inappropriate and unacceptable use of computing and networking resources include….
f) use of computer and/or network facilities in ways that impede the computing activities of others;
g) use of computing facilities for personal or business purposes unrelated to the mission of the university;
h) violation of copyrights and software license agreements;….”

SIU Board of Trustees 5 Policies J, approved July 14, 1994

August 3, 2005