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January 2013

New Exhibits for February


February is both American Heart Month and Black History Month, so the Medical Library has two new exhibits on display for February.

Heart Month Exhibit

The exhibit for American Heart Month targets heart disease in women, heart month events, and learning to lower heart disease risk.

Featured web sites:

These sites have been added to the Library’s Women’s Health guide: http://libguides.siumed.edu/womenshealth.

Featured Items from the Library:

  • “Coronary Heart Disease: Nutritional Interventions for Prevention and Therapy.”In Wilson, Ted. (Eds.) (2010) Nutrition guide for physicians. Totowa, N.J. : Humana [SpringerLink electronic]
  • “Women and Coronary Heart Disease.” In Clouse, Amy L. Sherif, Katherine. (Eds.) (2008) Women's health in clinical practice: a handbook for primary care. Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press  [SpringerLink electronic]
  • Cannon, Christopher P. (Eds.) (2009) Gender differences in acute coronary syndromes care and outcomes. Secaucus, NJ : Network for Continuing Medical Education. [video] W 1 NE476 no.884 2009

Black History Exhibit

Black historical print collection books in the exhibit are of topics in education, medicine, and activism. A photograph of medical students in 1900 with a cadaver is also on display.

Book List:

  1. Bailey, Eric J. (2002) African American alternative medicine : using alternative medicine to prevent and control chronic diseases.
  2. Organ, Claude H.Kosiba, Margaret M. (Eds.) (1987) A Century of black surgeons : the U.S.A. experience.
  3. Savitt, Todd L. (1978) Medicine and slavery : the diseases and health care of Blacks in antebellum Virginia.
  4. Sheridan, Richard B.(1985) Doctors and slaves : a medical and demographic history of slavery in the British West Indies, 1680-1834.
  5. Smith, Susan Lynn. (1995) Sick and tired of being sick and tired : Black women's health activism in America, 1890-1950
  6. Summerville, James. (1983) Educating Black doctors : a history of Meharry Medical College University, Ala.
  7. Wendland, Claire L. (2010) A heart for the work : journeys through an African medical school .

Change in Hours

Martin Luther King Day

Monday, January 21, 2013 - Library Closed

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