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March 2013

New Research Articles in Web of Science from SIUSM


  1. L. Bonilla-Ramirez, M. Jimenez-Del-Rio, C. Velez-Pardo, Low doses of paraquat and polyphenols prolong life span and locomotor activity in knock-down parkin Drosophila melanogaster exposed to oxidative stress stimuli: Implication in autosomal recessive juvenile Parkinsonism. Gene 512, 355 (Jan, 2013).
  2. P. Chaurasia, R. Sen, S. R. Bhaumik, Functional Analysis of Rad14p, a DNA Damage Recognition Factor in Nucleotide Excision Repair, in Regulation of Transcription in Vivo. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288, 793 (Jan, 2013).
  3. S. Deindl et al., ISWI Remodelers Slide Nucleosomes with Coordinated Multi-Base-Pair Entry Steps and Single-Base-Pair Exit Steps. Cell 152, 442 (Jan, 2013).
  4. R. J. Elble, Defining Dystonic Tremor. Current Neuropharmacology 11, 48 (Jan, 2013).
  5. S. K. Hota et al., Nucleosome mobilization by ISW2 requires the concerted action of the ATPase and SLIDE domains. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 20, 222 (Feb, 2013).
  6. W. D. Jenkins, W. Zahnd, R. Kovach, P. Kissinger, CHLAMYDIA AND GONORRHEA SCREENING IN UNITED STATES EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS. Journal of Emergency Medicine 44, 558 (Feb, 2013).
  7. O. E. Onwuameze et al., MAPK14 and CNR1 gene variant interactions: effects on brain volume deficits in schizophrenia patients with marijuana misuse. Psychological Medicine 43, 619 (Mar, 2013).
  8. M. S. Park, M. P. Kelly, W. K. Min, R. K. Rahman, K. D. Riew, Surgical Treatment of C3 and C4 Cervical Radiculopathies. Spine 38, 112 (Jan, 2013).
  9. N. R. Rana, K. J. Hodgson, D. Ramsey, C. M. Johnson, Management approach to an extracranial internal carotid artery aneurysm. Journal of Vascular Surgery 57, 526 (Feb, 2013).
  10. B. D. Richardson, L. L. Ling, V. V. Uteshev, D. M. Caspary, Reduced GABA(A) Receptor-Mediated Tonic Inhibition in Aged Rat Auditory Thalamus. Journal of Neuroscience 33, 1218 (Jan, 2013).
  11. D. A. Rogers et al., Surgeons managing conflict in the operating room: defining the educational need and identifying effective behaviors. American Journal of Surgery 205, 125 (Feb, 2013).
  12. H. Sanfey, R. Williams, G. Dunnington, Recognizing Residents with a Deficiency in Operative Performance as a Step Closer to Effective Remediation. Journal of the American College of Surgeons 216, 114 (Jan, 2013).
  13. S. Suppiah et al., Sub lobar/wedge resection or stereotactic body radiation therapy for stage I marginally operable non-small-cell lung cancer. Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy 12, 1375 (Nov, 2012).
  14. N. J. Wachter, D. G. Gilbert, Nicotine differentially modulates antisaccade eye-gaze away from emotional stimuli in nonsmokers stratified by pre-task baseline performance. Psychopharmacology 225, 561 (Feb, 2013).

New Research Articles in PubMed from SIUSM


  1. C. A. Bauer, W. Kurt, L. T. Sybert, T. J. Brozoski, The cerebellum as a novel tinnitus generator. Hear Res 295, 130 (Jan, 2013).
  2. A. T. Cianciolo, R. G. Williams, D. L. Klamen, N. K. Roberts, Biomedical knowledge, clinical cognition and diagnostic justification: a structural equation model. Med Educ 47, 309 (Mar, 2013).
  3. W. Haddad, M. Agoudemous, S. Basnet, Prolonged sinoatrial block in an infant with respiratory syncytial viral bronchiolitis. Pediatr Cardiol 33, 1203 (Oct, 2012).
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  9. H. Sanfey, R. Williams, G. Dunnington, Recognizing residents with a deficiency in operative performance as a step closer to effective remediation. J Am Coll Surg 216, 114 (Jan, 2013).
  10. P. Sen et al., in Mol Cell Biol. (United States, 2013), vol. 33, pp. 360-70.
  11. R. Sen, S. Lahudkar, G. Durairaj, S. R. Bhaumik, in J Biol Chem. (2013).
  12. L. Shahani, A father with postpartum psychosis. BMJ Case Rep 2012, (2012).
  13. L. Shahani, Castleman's disease in a patient with melanoma: the role of VEGF. BMJ Case Rep 2012, (2012).
  14. L. Shahani, CMV infection complicating the diagnosis of Crohn's disease in an immunocompetent patient. BMJ Case Rep 2012, (2012).
  15. L. Shahani, Disseminated histoplasma and CMV infection presenting as subacute intestinal obstruction in an immunocompromised patient. BMJ Case Rep 2012, (2012).
  16. L. Shahani, Hyponatraemia masking the diagnosis of cryptococcal meningitis. BMJ Case Rep 2012, (2012).
  17. L. Shahani, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis: a radiological diagnosis. BMJ Case Rep 2012, (2012).
  18. L. Shahani, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis: a radiological diagnosis. BMJ Case Rep 2012, (2012).
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  21. E. R. Taylor et al., Ocular Radiation Exposure in Modern Urologic Practice. J Urol, (Jan 30, 2013).
  22. J. Turner, D. Larsen, L. Hughes, D. Moechars, S. Shore, Time course of tinnitus development following noise exposure in mice. J Neurosci Res 90, 1480 (Jul, 2012).

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