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May 2013

New Research Articles in Web of Science by SIUSM Authors


  1. A. Bartke, L. Y. Sun, V. Longo, SOMATOTROPIC SIGNALING: TRADE-OFFS BETWEEN GROWTH, REPRODUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT, AND LONGEVITY. Physiological Reviews 93, 571-598 (2013); published online EpubApr (10.1152/physrev.00006.2012).
  2. A. Bartke, R. Westbrook, L. Sun, M. Ratajczak, Links between growth hormone and aging. Endokrynologia Polska 64, 46-52 (2013).
  3. C. A. Crotteau, F. Kovach, R. Guthmann, Should you test or treat pregnant women with a history of pregnancy-related VTE? Journal of Family Practice 62, 206-207 (2013); published online EpubApr (
  4. D. Davis, J. K. Dorsey, R. D. Franks, P. R. Sackett, C. A. Searcy, X. H. Zhao, Do Racial and Ethnic Group Differences in Performance on the MCAT Exam Reflect Test Bias? Academic Medicine 88, 593-602 (2013); published online EpubMay (10.1097/ACM.0b013e318286803a).
  5. J. M. DeBoy, M. L. Boulton, D. F. Carpenter, Salaries and Compensation Practices in Public Health, Environmental, and Agricultural Laboratories: Findings From a 2010 National Survey. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 19, 199-204 (2013); published online EpubMay-Jun (10.1097/PHH.0b013e318252eec2).
  6. J. K. Dorsey, Richard H. Moy, MD (1931-2013): Southern Illinois University School of Medicine's Founding Dean Dies. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 25, 117-117 (2013); published online EpubApr (10.1080/10401334.2013.783764).
  7. G. Jain, K. Dzara, A. Kaye, H. Gould, Attitudes and perceptions of pain physicians regarding patients terminated from practice. Journal of Pain 14, S19-S19 (2013); published online EpubApr (
  8. G. Jain, V. Mahendra, S. Singhal, K. Dzara, T. Pilla, R. Manworren, Long-term neuropsychological effects of opioid use in children: a literature review. Journal of Pain 14, S101-S101 (2013); published online EpubApr (
  9. S. J. Kalapurakal, J. Malone, K. T. Robbins, L. Buescher, J. Godwin, K. Rao, Cetuximab in Refractory Skin Cancer Treatment. Journal of Cancer 3, 257-261 (2012)10.7150/jca.3491).
  10. D. J. Kanak, G. M. Rose, H. P. Zaveri, P. R. Patrylo, Altered Network Timing in the CA3-CA1 Circuit of Hippocampal Slices from Aged Mice. Plos One 8, (2013); published online EpubApr (10.1371/journal.pone.0061364).
  11. T. A. Liberati, R. A. Trammell, M. Randle, S. Barrett, L. A. Toth, Cytokine and Chemokine Responses of Lung Exposed to Surrogate Viral and Bacterial Infections. Comparative Medicine 63, 114-126 (2013); published online EpubApr (
  12. L. McDougle, B. E. Mavis, D. B. Jeffe, N. K. Roberts, K. Ephgrave, H. L. Hageman, M. L. Lypson, L. Thomas, D. A. Andriole, Academic and professional career outcomes of medical school graduates who failed USMLE Step 1 on the first attempt. Advances in Health Sciences Education 18, 279-289 (2013); published online EpubMay (10.1007/s10459-012-9371-2).
  13. M. B. Parodi, P. Iacono, A. Mansour, U. de Benedetto, K. A. Knutsson, F. Bandello, F. Ziemssen, T. Ness, D. Dodwell, INTRAVITREAL BEVACIZUMAB FOR JUXTAFOVEAL CHOROIDAL NEOVASCULARIZATION SECONDARY TO MULTIFOCAL CHOROIDITIS. Retina-the Journal of Retinal and Vitreous Diseases 33, 953-956 (2013); published online EpubMay (10.1097/IAE.0b013e318275397c).
  14. T. Pilla, M. Pilla, A. Uga, G. Jain, J. Bennett, Bilateral neuropathic leg pain a manifestation of a rare disorder: Cowden syndrome - a case report. Journal of Pain 14, S32-S32 (2013); published online EpubApr (
  15. T. Pilla, A. Uga, M. Pilla, G. Jain, N. Khokhar, D. Reach, Depression, anxiety and disabling pain leading to the diagnosis of dercum's disease. Journal of Pain 14, S9-S9 (2013); published online EpubApr (
  16. M. R. Pranzatelli, E. D. Tate, N. R. McGee, J. A. Colliver, Cytokines, cytokine antagonists, and soluble adhesion molecules in pediatric OMS and other neuroinflammatory disorders. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 326, 53-58 (2013); published online EpubMar (10.1016/j.jns.2013.01.011).
  17. M. R. Pranzatelli, E. D. Tate, N. R. McGee, A. L. Travelstead, S. J. Verhulst, R. M. Ransohoff, Expression of CXCR3 and its ligands CXCL9,-10 and-11 in paediatric opsoclonusmyoclonus syndrome. Clinical and Experimental Immunology 172, 427-436 (2013); published online EpubJun (10.1111/cei.12065).
  18. P. Sen, P. Vivas, M. L. Dechassa, A. M. Mooney, M. G. Poirier, B. Bartholomew, The SnAC Domain of SWI/SNF Is a Histone Anchor Required for Remodeling. Molecular and Cellular Biology 33, 360-370 (2013); published online EpubJan (10.1128/mcb.00922-12).
  19. R. Sen, S. Lahudkar, G. Durairaj, S. R. Bhaumik, Functional Analysis of Bre1p, an E3 Ligase for Histone H2B Ubiquitylation, in Regulation of RNA Polymerase II Association with Active Genes and Transcription in Vivo. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288, 9619-9633 (2013); published online EpubApr (10.1074/jbc.M113.450403).
  20. L. Shahani, Complex Visual Hallucinations Associated With Parietal Infarct. Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 25, E29-E29 (2013); published online EpubWin (
  21. L. Shahani, Tetrabenazine and Suicidal Ideation. Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 25, E30-E30 (2013); published online EpubWin (
  22. R. D. Silverman, EHRS, EMRS, AND HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: TO MEANINGFUL USE AND BEYOND A SYMPOSIUM INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW. Journal of Legal Medicine 34, 1-6 (2013); published online EpubJan (10.1080/01947648.2013.768134).
  23. E. D. Tate, M. R. Pranzatelli, Response to Correspondence on "Active Comparator-Controlled, Rater-Blinded Study of Corticotropin-Based Immunotherapies for Opsoclonus-Myoclonus Syndrome". Journal of Child Neurology 28, 417-418 (2013); published online EpubMar (10.1177/0883073812469054).
  24. L. A. Toth, P. Bhargava, Animal Models of Sleep Disorders. Comparative Medicine 63, 91-104 (2013); published online EpubApr (
  25. C. M. Vassileva, T. Boley, J. Standard, S. Markwell, S. Hazelrigg, Relationship between Patient Income Level and Mitral Valve Repair Utilization. Heart Surgery Forum 16, E89-E95 (2013); published online EpubApr (10.1532/hsf98.20121105).
  26. M. P. Walker, F. M. LaFerla, S. S. Oddo, G. J. Brewer, Reversible epigenetic histone modifications and Bdnf expression in neurons with aging and from a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Age 35, 519-531 (2013); published online EpubJun (10.1007/s11357-011-9375-5).

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New Research Articles from SIUSM in Web of Science


  1. V. Allaj, C. X. Guo, D. T. Nie, Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, prostaglandins, and cancer. Cell and Bioscience 3, (Feb, 2013).
  2. B. Bartholomew, Monomeric actin required for INO80 remodeling. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 20, 405 (Apr, 2013).
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  4. A. Khafif et al., Level V in therapeutic neck dissections for papillary thyroid carcinoma. Head and Neck-Journal for the Sciences and Specialties of the Head and Neck 35, 605 (Apr, 2013).
  5. M. Kucia et al., The negative effect of prolonged somatotrophic/insulin signaling on an adult bone marrow-residing population of pluripotent very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs). Age 35, 315 (Apr, 2013).
  6. A. A. Lolis et al., Myogenin Recruits the Histone Chaperone Facilitates Chromatin Transcription (FACT) to Promote Nucleosome Disassembly at Muscle-specific Genes. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288, 7676 (Mar, 2013).
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  13. L. L. Sheng, M. Yang, Z. J. Du, Y. A. Yang, Q. F. Li, Transplantation of stromal vascular fraction as an alternative for accelerating tissue expansion. Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 66, 551 (Apr, 2013).
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  17. A. Zhang et al., The human long non-coding RNA-RoR is a p53 repressor in response to DNA damage. Cell Research 23, 340 (Mar, 2013).

Recent Articles in PubMed by SIUSM Authors


  1. D. Banerjee et al., Rural vs. Urban Utilization of Total Joint Arthroplasty. J Arthroplasty, (Mar 27, 2013).
  2. B. Bartholomew, Monomeric actin required for INO80 remodeling. Nat Struct Mol Biol 20, 405 (Apr, 2013).
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  6. A. Gupta et al., Single walled carbon nanotube composites for bone tissue engineering. J Orthop Res, (Apr 29, 2013).
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