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New Research Articles in Web of Science by SIUSM Authors


  1. O. Arum et al., Preservation of blood glucose homeostasis in slow-senescing somatotrophism-deficient mice subjected to intermittent fasting begun at middle or old age. Age 36, 1263-1290 (2014).
  2. S. Basnet et al., Development of a PICU in Nepal: The Experience of the First Year. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 15, E314-E320 (2014).
  3. A. Ebrahimi et al., Minimum Nodal Yield in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Defining the Standard of Care in a Multicenter International Pooled Validation Study. Annals of Surgical Oncology 21, 3049-3055 (2014).
  4. G. M. Fried et al., ASGE's assessment of competency in endoscopy evaluation tools for colonoscopy and EGD. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 80, 366-367 (2014).
  5. A. C. Frischknecht et al., How prepared are your interns to take calls? Results of a multi-institutional study of simulated pages to prepare medical students for surgery internship. American Journal of Surgery 208, 307-315 (2014).
  6. D. Ghosh, G. J. Brewer, External cys/cySS Redox State Modification Controls the Intracellular Redox State and Neurodegeneration via Akt in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Model Neurons. Journal of Alzheimers Disease 42, 313-324 (2014).
  7. K. H. Hales, S. C. Speckman, N. K. Kurrey, D. B. Hales, Uncovering molecular events associated with the chemosuppressive effects of flaxseed: a microarray analysis of the laying hen model of ovarian cancer. Bmc Genomics 15,  (2014).
  8. J. M. Howard, J. M. Nuguid, D. Ngole, H. Nguyen, Tcf3 expression marks both stem and progenitor cells in multiple epithelia. Development 141, 3143-3152 (2014).
  9. K. M. Ken, S. C. Shockman, M. Sirichotiratana, M. P. Lent, M. L. Wilson, Dermatoses associated with mites other than Sarcoptes. Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery 33, 110-115 (2014).
  10. L. B. Pan et al., Large Extracellular Spikes Recordable From Axons in Microtunnels. Ieee Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 22, 453-459 (2014).
  11. P. J. Shah, S. Bergman, S. Vegi, V. Sundareshan, Fusarium Peritonitis Successfully Managed with Posaconazole and Catheter Removal. Peritoneal Dialysis International 34, 566-568 (2014).
  12. Z. W. Tang et al., Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member B8 is secreted via non-classical pathway. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology 7, 3791-3799 (2014).
  13. C. Welliver, M. Butcher, Y. Potini, K. T. McVary, Impact of Alpha Blockers, 5-alpha Reductase Inhibitors and Combination Therapy on Sexual Function. Current Urology Reports 15,  (2014).

New Research Articles in PubMed by SIUSM Authors


  1. O. Arum et al., Specific suppression of insulin sensitivity in growth hormone receptor gene-disrupted (GHR-KO) mice attenuates phenotypic features of slow aging. Aging Cell,  (2014).
  2. O. Arum, D. J. Rickman, J. J. Kopchick, A. Bartke, The slow-aging growth hormone receptor/binding protein gene-disrupted (GHR-KO) mouse is protected from aging-resultant neuromusculoskeletal frailty. Age (Dordr) 36, 117-127 (2014).
  3. V. N. Ayyagari, L. Brard, Bithionol inhibits ovarian cancer cell growth in vitro - studies on mechanism(s) of action. BMC Cancer 14, 61 (2014).
  4. J. T. Cierny et al., Maternal inflammatory markers and term labor performance. Am J Obstet Gynecol 210, 447.e441-446 (2014).
  5. B. Dahl et al., Acetabular reconstruction in revision total hip arthroplasty: maximizing function and outcomes in protrusio and cavitary defects. Instr Course Lect 63, 219-225 (2014).
  6. B. M. Derby et al., Adipose-derived stem cell to epithelial stem cell transdifferentiation: a mechanism to potentially improve understanding of fat grafting's impact on skin rejuvenation. Aesthet Surg J 34, 142-153 (2014).
  7. A. Dua, S. S. Desai, J. A. Heller, Heterogeneity in venous disease practice patterns amongst primary healthcare practitioners. Vascular,  (2014).
  8. A. Dua et al., Diagnosis and management of a ruptured popliteal mycotic pseudoaneurysm. Vascular,  (2014).
  9. A. Dua, R. Zepeda, F. C. Hernanez, A. A. Igbadumhe, S. S. Desai, The national incidence of iatrogenic popliteal artery injury during total knee replacement. Vascular,  (2014).
  10. G. Durairaj, R. Sen, B. Uprety, A. Shukla, S. R. Bhaumik, Sus1p facilitates pre-initiation complex formation at the SAGA-regulated genes independently of histone H2B de-ubiquitylation. J Mol Biol 426, 2928-2941 (2014).
  11. A. C. Frischknecht et al., How prepared are your interns to take calls? Results of a multi-institutional study of simulated pages to prepare medical students for surgery internship. Am J Surg 208, 307-315 (2014).
  12. B. M. Fuller et al., The impact of cardiac dysfunction on acute respiratory distress syndrome and mortality in mechanically ventilated patients with severe sepsis and septic shock: An observational study. J Crit Care,  (2014).
  13. A. R. Hakeem et al., An Imperative Need to Change Organ Donation and Transplant Curriculum Results of a Nationwide United Kingdom Junior Doctor Survey. Transplantation,  (2014).
  14. A. Hall et al., Advances in acetabular reconstruction in revision total hip arthroplasty: maximizing function and outcomes after treatment of periacetabular osteolysis around the well-fixed shell. Instr Course Lect 63, 209-218 (2014).
  15. H. Han, E. Nelson, N. Wetter, Medical students' online learning technology needs. Clin Teach 11, 15-19 (2014).
  16. G. H. Hockerman et al., The gene is expressed in skeletal muscle atrophying as a result of hind limb suspension, but not expression alone. Eur J Transl Myol 24, 173-179 (2014).
  17. K. D. Illingworth et al., Advances in acetabular osteolysis: biomarkers, imaging, and pharmacologic management. Instr Course Lect 63, 177-186 (2014).
  18. B. I. Kalappa, T. J. Brozoski, J. G. Turner, D. M. Caspary, Single-unit hyperactivity and bursting in the auditory thalamus of awake rats directly correlates with behavioral evidence of tinnitus. J Physiol,  (2014).
  19. M. L. King et al., WNT7A/beta-catenin signaling induces FGF1 and influences sensitivity to niclosamide in ovarian cancer. Oncogene,  (2014).
  20. T. S. Kohler, K. T. McVary, The relationship between erectile dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms and the role of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Eur Urol 55, 38-48 (2009).
  21. S. Lahudkar, G. Durairaj, B. Uprety, S. R. Bhaumik, A novel role for Cet1p mRNA 5'-triphosphatase in promoter proximal accumulation of RNA polymerase II in Saccharomyces cerevisiase. Genetics 196, 161-176 (2014).
  22. C. G. Le Prell et al., Disruption of lateral olivocochlear neurons with a dopaminergic neurotoxin depresses spontaneous auditory nerve activity. Neurosci Lett 582c, 54-58 (2014).
  23. J. Lovey et al., [Selective 12-lipoxygenase inhibition potentiates the effect of radiation on human prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo]. Magy Onkol 58, 211-218 (2014).
  24. D. Mukherjea et al., Early investigational drugs for hearing loss. Expert Opin Investig Drugs, 1-17 (2014).
  25. D. Pope et al., Maximizing function and outcomes in acetabular reconstruction: segmental bony defects and pelvic discontinuity. Instr Course Lect 63, 187-197 (2014).
  26. A. G. Potty, J. Corona, B. T. Manning, A. Le, K. J. Saleh, Acute periprosthetic fractures of the acetabulum after total hip arthroplasty. Instr Course Lect 63, 199-207 (2014).
  27. R. K. Rahman et al., Comparison of TLIF with rhBMP-2 versus no TLIF and higher posterolateral rhBMP-2 dose at L5-S1 for long fusions to the sacrum with sacropelvic fixation in patients with primary adult deformity. Spine (Phila Pa 1976) 38, 2264-2271 (2013).
  28. D. J. Sadowski, C. S. Ellimoottil, A. Tejwani, A. Gorbonos, Proton therapy for prostate cancer online: patient education or marketing? Can J Urol 20, 7015-7020 (2013).
  29. S. Shockman, N. Lountzis, Lichen nitidus. Cutis 92, 288, 297-288 (2013).
  30. V. H. Thourani et al., Does mitral valve repair offer an advantage over replacement in patients undergoing aortic valve replacement? Ann Thorac Surg 98, 598-603; discussion 604 (2014).
  31. C. M. Vassileva et al., Heart Failure Readmission After Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement: Five-Year Follow-Up in the Medicare Population. Ann Thorac Surg,  (2014).
  32. A. Welch, T. Reid, J. Knox, M. L. Wilson, Excision of melanoma in situ on nonchronically sun-exposed skin using 5-mm surgical margins. J Am Acad Dermatol 71, 834-835 (2014).
  33. B. Zhu, J. K. Davie, New insights into signalling-pathway alterations in rhabdomyosarcoma. Br J Cancer,  (2014).


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Science and Science Translational Medicine have responded to the current outbreak of disease caused by the Ebola virus by making this collection of research and news articles on the Ebola virus freely available to researchers and the general public. See the Ebola virus special collection.

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