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Medical Library / Information & Communication Sciences

Poster Set-Up Guidelines

Required set-up elements for designing and printing posters using the Library Poster Printing Service.

The library only uses 36 inch paper rolls.

  • Either the width or length of the poster must not exceed 36 inches.
  • The opposite direction may be any size.
  • If the poster is less than 36 inches, the requester will need to trim the edges.
  • The printer does not print to the edge of the paper, so there will be a small white margin.

PowerPoint's maximum length is 56 inches.

To get a larger poster use the scaling factor. For example, to make a poster 36 in. x 72 in., make the PowerPoint slide 18 in. x 36 in., then scale by 200% in the print set-up when sending to the large format printer.

Use Match Color in the print set-up

Different printers print in different shades and do not always match the computer monitor. To get the color as close as possible when sending a poster to the large format printer:

  • Go to the Printer Properties, click the Color tab and choose Match Color.

Library Staff Support

Library staff do not edit or format posters. Staff can provide some basic suggestions on design and set up.

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