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The logo for SIU School of Medicine is part of the official Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) logo family.  The identity standards for the School must be adhered to by individuals, departments and units officially related to the medical school and vendors who provide materials using the logo.  The logo should appear on all School communications and should be reproduced correctly and only from authorized electronic files.

The complete is made up of two parts - a graphic symbol of a stylized snake and the initials “SIU” - followed by the words “School of Medicine.”  The logo version used by School's physician practice group is composed of the same graphic symbol followed by the word “HealthCare” with the tagline "Exceptional Medicine. Partners in Care." Both follow the same graphic standards.  No previous version of the School or Physicians & Surgeons (now SIU HealthCare) logo is to be used.  No other logo is to be created for use by any SIU School of Medicine or SIU HealthCare department or unit. No unauthorized logo adopted by a department or unit is to be used.

When the logo is reduced or enlarged, it must be treated as a unit so that all elements are resized proportionately.  It is important that the area immediately surrounding the logo be free of type or design images, so that nothing competes or detracts from it.  The logo must not be hand drawn, scanned or modified in any way or be reproduced with any other typeface.

The size of the logo is determined by the size of the graphic symbol; the minimum size is ½ inch from the left to the right sides of the symbol.  The graphic symbol may appear without the type “School of Medicine” or “HealthCare” only in a few merchandising, PowerPoint and Web applications.  If the graphic symbol is used without type for the few acceptable applications, the minimum size is ¾ inch across.

CONTACT -- Complete logo and identity standards are available and posted on-line at Information is available from Public Affairs in Springfield, 217-545-2155 or Only Public Affairs is authorzed to give out the logo files.

Logo Specs – The horizontal version of the logo is preferred.  The School or SIU HealthCare logos are either all green (preferred) or all black; they can be reversed on another color.  PMS 568 Green is used for 2-color projects; process 568 is used for 4-color.  The RGB equivalent of Pantone 568 is R = 0, G = 104 and B = 93.  The CMYK equivalent of Pantone 568 is C = 93, M = 37, Y = 65 and K = 23.

Brochures – Use the horizontal version of the logo on a front cover at the bottom of the front panel (preferred location); print in black and white, green, or reversed on color cover or color block.  When placement on the front cover is not possible, the logo must appear prominently on the back cover.  The logo is not a design element, but rather used once as a “signature” on a brochure.

PowerPoint slides – PowerPoint presentations should start with the main slide, showing the School or SIU HealthCare complete logo, and continue with individual slides with a small version of the graphic symbol portion of the logo in the lower right-hand corner.  For PowerPoint slides, the background is 7.5 x 10 inches. The RGB color is R = 0, G = 104 and B = 93.

Clothing – The horizontal logo is used with the department name beneath, centered or flush left with the outside of the window, in sans serif type.  The thread color is FuFu 255 or ARC 125. 

Promotion – There are standards for print advertisements – see Detailed Placement Standards for specifics.  SIU HealthCare has developed a template for display ads.  Non-clinical departments may use the template if they wish.

All ads, specialty items, tee-shirts and projects with custom printing for any School of Medicine department or unit or for SIU HealthCare must be approved by Public Affairs before they are ordered.  PDF files should be submitted to Public Affairs for logo placement or approval.  Please allow two business days for a response.  Once approved, Public Affairs will send the logo file directly to the off-campus printer or vendor.  Each design will be checked for correct use of identity and logo while also making sure items present an appropriate image.