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Department of Medical Humanities


Emmet F. Pearson Memorial Medical History Lectures

Date Title of the Lecture Author of the Lecture

Over My Dead Body – The Role of the Medical Examiner in the Local Community

Gary Cumberland, MD
9/17/2015 "Take Those Partitions Down! An Examination of the Life and Times of Dr. Alonzo Homer Kenniebrew, M.D." Wesley Robinson-McNeese, MD
9/25/2014 Authority and Obedience: The Legacy of the Nazi Doctors Christine Y. Todd, MD

The Yellow Wallpaper: A Short Story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Performed by: Aasne Vigesaa and Directed by: Kevin Purcell

8/11/2011 Mark Twain, Medicine and Science

Warren R. Brown

8/19/2010 Committed to Reform: Mrs. Packard’s Assault on the Asylum

Linda Carlisle, MSLS, PhD, SIU-E Author: Elizabeth Packard: A Nobel Fight

6/10/2009 The Madness of Mary Lincoln Jason Emerson, Author: The Madness of Mary Lincoln (SIU Press, 2007)
5/8/2008 Evidence-Based Health Care Architecture: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Roger Ulrich, PhD, Texas A&M University, Beale Endowed Professor of Health Facilities Design, Professor of Architecture
7/24/2007 The Genius Factory David Plotz, Author, The Genius Factory: The Curious History of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank
8/10/2006 The Arms Were Not Lost in Vain: Union Soldiers and the Price of Freedom

Stephen A. Goldman, MD, FAPM, FAPA, President, North Jersey Civil War Round Table

8/29/2005 Lincoln's Little Blue Pills Ian A. Greaves, BMedSci, MB, BS, Associate Professor, Div. of Environmental Health Sciences
8/23/2004 Michelangelo and the Brain: Decoding the Creation of Adam Frank Lynn Meshberger, MD
7/30/2003 The Pride of the Prairie: The Illinois State Hospital for the Insne-A Photographic Essay Joseph J. Mehr, PhD, Author, An Illustrated History of Illinois Public Mental Health Services
8/27/2002 P.T. Barnum was Right: Medical Devices and Public Gullibility Robert McCoy, Founder & Curator, The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
8/21/2001 Culture and Community in the American Small Town John E. Hallwas, PhD, Professor of English, Western Illninois University
8/30/2000 Music and Healing: From David's Harp to Music Therapy 2000 James Harris, MA, RMT, Director of Music, Springfield College in Illinois
7/21/1999 From Graverobbing to Medical Politics: The Eclectic Schools in American Medicinie, 1829-1942 John S. Haller, Jr., PhD, Professor of History, SIU-Carbondale
8/12/1998 Controlling Heredity: A History of Eugencis in the United States Philip Wilson, PhD, Biology & History of Science, Truman State University
7/24/1997 Images of Plague Through the Centuries Linda Garcia-shelton, PhD, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Dept. of Family Medicine, UI-Chicago
8/13/1996 Drastic Cures of the Late 1880s: Colonic Irrigation and Other Doubtful Therapies Micaela Sullivan-Fowler, MS, MA, Research Specialist in the History of Medicine, UI-Chicago, College of Medicine