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Exercise & Cancer Research

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Exercise and Cancer Research Office
Attn: Amanda Fogleman, BS
Phone: (217) 545-0592
Fax: (217) 545-1102

The SIU Exercise and Cancer Research team is led by Dr. Laura Rogers, a Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine. The team’s research activities focus on exercise promotion and benefits in cancer survivors. Funding for recent projects has been provided by the Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU Translational Research Award, SIU School of Medicine Excellence in Academic Medicine Award, and the National Cancer Institute.

Examples of current projects being done by Dr. Rogers and her team are as follows:

BEAT Cancer Study:
The BEAT Cancer Study is evaluating the effectiveness of a physical activity behavior change intervention for breast cancer survivors. This research is also examining why breast cancer survivors do (or do not) become regular exercisers and is testing the health benefits experienced by the program participants.

ABLE Study:
The ABLE Study is working to identify the inflammatory mechanisms underlying the effects of exercise on fatigue and sleep in breast cancer survivors.

The RETAIN Study is evaluating the effects of resistance training on physical functioning in head and neck cancer patients during treatment.

BEC study (fatigue and inflammation in breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and women without cancer):

The BEC study is examining the associations between blood markers of inflammation and fatigue in women with history of breast cancer, or history of endometrial cancer or no history of either breast or endometrial cancer. The three groups are being compared for possible differences in level of inflammation and/or fatigue.

For more information about possible participation in one of the exercise and cancer studies, please contact the Exercise and Cancer Research Office.

SIU School of Medicine Exercise & Cancer Research TeamExercise and Cancer Research Office
Attn: Amanda Fogleman, BS
Phone: (217) 545-0592
Fax: (217) 545-1102

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The Exercise and Cancer Research Team