Patricia L. Hopkins-Price, PhD  

Patricia L. Hopkins-Price, PhD
Department of Internal Medicine
Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Research Assistant Professor

Office Location: 751 N. Rutledge, Room 0408
Springfield, IL 62702
Appointments: 217-545-0518
Degree Year Institution Area
BA 1971 Newcomb College Economics
BA 1978 Tulane University Physical Education
MS 1980 Louisiana State University Exercise Physiology
PhD 1986 Louisiana State University Exercise Physiology
Cancer Exercise Specialist
NIOSH Spirometry
Academic Interests
Exercise/physical activity and inactivity in healthy people and in chronic disease populations
Effect of weight loss in asthmatics
Inflammatory markers in exercising and sedentary populations
Smoking cessation


Clinical Interests

Exercise testing and energy expenditure
Exercise programs/prescriptions in chronic disease populations

Representative Publications
  1. Powers SK, Hopkins P, and Ragsdale M. Oxygen uptake and ventilatory responses to various stride lengths in trained women. American Corrective Therapy Journal. 1982 Jan-Feb; 36 (1): 5-8. PMID: 7081000
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