Laura Q. Rogers, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM  

Laura Q. Rogers, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM
Department of Internal Medicine
Division of General Internal Medicine

Professor of Clinical Medicine

Office Location: 751 N. Rutledge, Room 1100
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Appointments: 217-545-8000

Degree Year Institution Area
BS 1980 Erskine College Biology
MD 1984 University of South Florida Medicine
Residency 1987 Medical College of Georgia  
Fellowship 1990 University of North Carolina General Internal Medicine
MPH 2000 University of South Carolina General Masters of Public Health
Board Certifications
Internal Medicine
Academic Interests
Exercise promotion and benefits in chronic disease populations, especially cancer survivors; preventive medicine; population health
Clinical Interests
General internal medicine; weight management
Representative Publications
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