Mark Ruscin, PharmD  

Mark Ruscin, PharmD
Department of Internal Medicine
Division of General Internal Medicine

Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, SIU-E School of Pharmacy
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, SIU School of Medicine

Office Location: 701 N. 1st Street
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Telephone: 217-545-3934

Degree Year Institution Area
Doctor of Pharmacy 1993 University of Illinois Chicago Pharmacy Practice
Pharmacy Residency 1994 University of Illinois Chicago Pharmacy Practice
Pharmacy Fellowship 1995 University of Rhode Island Geriatrics
Board Certifications
Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS)
Academic Interests

nutrition issues in aging, pharmacoepidemiology, drug safety

Clinical Interests

Geriatric Pharmacology and Medicine

Representative Publications
  1. Page RL, Ruscin JM, Bainbridge JL, Brieke AA. Restless legs syndrome induced by escitalopram: case discussion and literature review. Pharmacotherapy 2008;28:271-280.
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