Rita Trammell, PhD  

Rita Trammell, PhD
Department of Internal Medicine
Division of Rheumatology

Associate Professor

Office Location: 825 N. Rutledge, Room 2660
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Telephone: 217-545-4968

Degree Year Institution Area
BS 1988 University of Illinois Clinical Laboratory Science
MA 1992 Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Immunology
PhD 1995 Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Immunology
Academic Interests

Inability to sleep, excessive sleepiness, and fatigue are common problems that many, if not all, people experience at some time in their lives. Excessive sleepiness and fatigue, particularly when persistent, reduce the quality of life of affected individuals and also cause significant economic loss in terms of diminished productivity and employment capability. Considerable data support strong interactions between the immune response and vigilance states. Furthermore, infectious diseases, cancer and/or their therapies are often associated with non-restorative sleep, excessive daytime sleepiness, and fatigue, and many individuals also suffer from chronic fatigue of unknown etiology. Identifying the mechanisms responsible for poor sleep, chronic fatigue and excessive sleepiness and developing effective interventions for these disabling symptoms is the focus of research in our laboratory.

Representative Publications
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