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Division of Cardiology

Division of Cardiology

Welcome to SIU Healthcare Cardiovascular Medicine (CVM).  Our providers/faculty aim to provide patient- centered and evidence based cardiac consultation, cardiac diagnostics, and procedures when appropriate in all areas of CVM.  We will utilize a shared decision making approach with the patients to achieve state of the art care that is focused on the individual and coordinated with the referring provider.  We also seek to advance the art and science of CVM through advances in clinical care, research, and education.

Cardiovascular Medicine (CVM) is an integral part of the Department of Internal Medicine.  Our goal is to build a solid, foundational program that will provide benefits for SIU, the Department of Medicine, Memorial Hospital, all trainees (students, residents, and future Cardiology fellows), and the people of Central and southern Illinois.  

Accordingly, the mission of the CVM program at SIU is to be the regional center of excellence in cardiovascular disease by:

  1. Providing state of the art care to patients. Patient centered, evidence based. Shared decision making with the patient and referring provider.
  2. Advancing the art and science of CVM and applying such advances through clinical care, research, and education
  3. Training new physicians in CVM (Fellowship program)