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Division of Cardiology

Patient Referral (Generic)

We're pleased you've chosen us as your health care provider. We encourage you to read this information. It explains how you can receive high-quality, comprehensive medical care.. Most of your questions should be answered here, but if you are still uncertain about any of our office procedures, we hope you will call our appointment line: 217-545-8000.

New Patient Procedures

Please plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes early for your first appointment. As a new patient in Cardiology/ Cardiovascular Medicine, you will be greeted at the reception desk and asked a few questions so that we can establish your record. These questions will include your legal name, address and telephone number, date of birth, Social Security number, and employment and insurance information. In order to complete the registration, you will need to bring:

  • Your insurance card
  • Photo ID
  • In addition, we ask that you bring medical records, ECG, echocardiogram, x-rays, laboratory reports, and any prescriptions or over the counter medications you are taking. These will help your physician fully evaluate your medical history and condition.


Please call the number listed above to schedule appointments. Cancellations should be made as early as possible so we can schedule another patient who needs to see us.

Prescription Refills

Please call your pharmacy to request refills.

Fellows, Residents and Students

All of our attending physicians are members of the faculty of the SIU School of Medicine. We are proud of this fact and believe this results in better healthcare service for our patients and the advancement of medical care. Our physicians are committed to the educational mission of the SIU School of Medicine as well as to providing outstanding patient care. Fellows, residents and medical students may participate in your care in the clinic setting and in the follow-up related to your care visit. If you require hospitalization, fellows, residents and medical students, and the attending physician, participate in your care.

Payment, Bill, and Insurance

Due to the increasing number of plan restrictions from managed care companies, it is your responsibility to know:

  • Your selected primary care doctor if required by your plan
  • The hospital approved by your plan
  • The laboratory and x-ray facility approved by your plan
  • Your co-payment amount if required by your plan

We ask for payment and/or co-payments at the time of service for office visits and procedures, unless you are covered by Medicare, an HMO, IDPA, Worker's Compensation, or a special agency. Laboratory tests will be billed at a later date. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. A statement will be sent to you each month for any unpaid balance on your account. As a special service to our patients, we will file primary insurance claims for you free of charge. Please bring the address of your primary and secondary insurance carriers with you to your appointment.

Driving Directions

The Cardiology/Cardiovascular Medicine clinic is located on the fifth floor of the Baylis Building. Driving Directions to the SIU Clinics Building.