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Division of Infectious Diseases

Contact Information

Any individual who may be interested in receiving services or any individual who may need to refer someone for services must contact one of our case managers. Case managers are the "gatekeepers" for all services. The case managers are responsible for assessing the client's needs, determining client eligibility for various programs, and coordinating client level services with multiple providers. We have case managers on-site at SIU School of Medicine and also in satellite locations throughout our service region in order to be easily accessible for all clients.

Please locate case manager in closest proximity to client's residence and give us a call.

Martin Brady, Dylan White, Cindy Gorbett, and Monica Jenot
SIU School of Medicine
Central Illinois HIV CARE Connect
927 N Rutledge
Springfield, IL 62794-9647
Phone: 217- 545-7683
Toll Free: 888-308-8105

Emily Andrews
Adams County Health Department
330 Vermont St
Quincy, IL 62301
Phone: 217-222-8440

Casie Laskowski
SIU School of Medicine - Satellite Office
Central Illinois CARE Connect
5130 Hickory Point Frontage Rd., Suite 250
Decatur, IL 62526
Phone: 217-875-1752