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Home Services Program

SIU School of Medicine is the contact agency for the “Home Services” Program through the Illinois Department of Human Services. Please read on to find out if you or someone you know that is HIV positive may benefit from this program.

What is Home Services?
Home Services provides assistance with personal care, medical care and other help around the house, enabling people with HIV/AIDS to live in their homes and communities with their families and friends.

Who Is Eligible for Home Services?
Any Illinois resident who as a result of having AIDS or HIV is unable to live without assistance is eligible for Home Services. The person must make application for Medicaid, have less than $10,000 in non-exempt assets and be in need of hospital or nursing home care, but able to be cared for safely at home for less cost. There are no age restrictions and services are free.

What Services are Available?
Personal Assistants (PAs): Help with household task, personal care and, with the permission of a doctor, some health care procedures. PAs are selected, employed and supervised by individual customers or guardians.

Homemakers: Household and some personal care from trained and professionally supervised personnel for customers unable to oversee a PA. Instruction and assistance in household management and self-care are also available.

Maintenance Home Health: Medical services prescribed by a physician or other health care professional. Other services include nursing care and physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Electronic Home Response: An emergency response signaling device rented from hospitals or community service agencies allows the individual to alert hospitals, firefighters or police of an emergency anytime day or night.

Home Delivered Meals: Both a hot lunch and a refrigerated evening meal delivered to homes of people who can feed themselves but are unable to prepare food.

Respite Care: Personal assistants or homemakers on a temporary basis, enabling family members and friends to take a break from care-giving duties.

Environmental Modifications: Minor home remodeling enabling people with HIV/AIDS to accomplish daily living activities with less dependence on other people.

How Does the Program Work?
Services are provided by community agencies affiliated with the Department of Human Services. Local agencies will also determine eligibility, develop and implement service plans, keep in weekly contact with clients and help them gain access to other community services.

All Department of Human Services customer information is strictly confidential. Community providers of Home Services will only be told the functional and/or medical needs of customers, not their medical diagnosis.

For more Information on how Home Services can help you, or someone you know, live with AIDS, call Cindy Gorbett, RN, BSN (217) 545-8676 or toll free at 1-888-308-8105.