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Department of Internal Medicine

Welcome to the Internal Medicine Clerkship!

The next six weeks will be challenging, interesting, and enjoyable for you. Internal medicine is a broad field that encompasses primary care, management of hospitalized patients, subspecialty care and consultation, and many diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

As we internists and subspecialists care for our patients, we depend on broad understanding of basic and clinical science, critical thinking and problem-solving, and exceptional professionalism and interpersonal skill in working with the health care team.

During your clerkship, we encourage you to learn systematically about internal medicine and in depth about each patient. Take responsibility for your patients - you will learn internal medicine best through active patient care.

In return for your efforts, we expect your educational experience to be top-notch, and we demand that our faculty, residents, and staff are supportive and helpful to you. If they aren't, the Department Chair wants to know!! Again, welcome to Internal Medicine. We look forward to working with you.