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Department of Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Interest GroupInternal Medicine Interest Group


Welcome to the website for the SIU Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG). Here you can find information about IMIG activites, upcoming events, and internal medicine resources.

About the IMIG

The purpose of the internal medicine interest group is to bring together students who share a collective interest in internal medicine and its sub-specialties. The group allows students to learn more about careers in internal medicine and its areas of specialization, interact with faculty, participate and actively engage in community service projects and become involved with the ACP (American College of Physicians), the national professional society for internal medicine. The group also hosts social events throughout the year featuring students, residents, and faculty.

Calendar of Events, 2013-2014

Upcoming sessions and events:
How to succeed in the Internal Medicine Clerkship – This session will feature a panel of 4th year students who will provide advice and information about the internal medicine clerkship and how to perform well in it.

The following Q&A sessions consist of physician panels and are geared toward learning more about the different options and subspecialty fields in internal medicine. 

  • What is Internal Medicine (General Internal Medicine, Hospitalist, and Geriatrician)
  • Careers in Hematology-Oncology, Infectious Disease, and Allergy-Immunology
  • Careers in Cardiology, Pulmonology, and Nephrology
  • Careers in Rheumatology and Med-Psych
  • Careers in Endocrinology and Gastroenterology
Trivia Night – This event is based on the ACP’s Doctors Dilemma.  In this fun and challenging event, student teams compete to answer jeopardy-styled questions drawn from Step 1 material.   



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Susan Hingle
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vajeeha Tabassum

Staff, 2013-2014

Co-Presidents: Ben Henkle & Kate Sanserino
Vice-presidents: Neal Dodia & Josiah Zubairu
Secretary: Monica Jimenez
Treasurer: Katie Lowry
Social Chair: Jenny Marshalla
Community Service Chairs: Josiah An, Mike Halyko & Yogi Potini
Year 4 Class Chairs: Aisha Keeler & Jake Varney
Year 3 Class Chair: Abbie Massengill & Michelle Lewis
Year 2 Class Chair: Katy Filson

Volunteer Activities

The IMIG participates in a number of volunteer activities throughout the year. Here you can find some of the year’s events.

Men’s Night Out:

The event combines health care education and screening with a dinner and features prominent speakers from the world of sports. Members of the IMIG provided blood pressure, blood glucose, and body mass index screening to members of the community.

Salvation Army Dinners:

IMIG members prepare and serve dinner for the shelter-bound residents of Springfield.



American College of Physicians (ACP)

The ACP is the national professional organization of internal medicine. There are over 130,000 members, which includes internists, residents, and medical students. Medical student membership is free. Benefits of Membership include full access to the website, information on careers in internal medicine, student educational resources including the new online MKSAP for Student 5 Digital, Doctors DilemnaTM Mobile and Internal Medicine Essentials for Medical Students. It also features an updated database on Internal Medicine Residencies, ACP newsletters, involvement with the community, and access to medical education resources and mentors who practice internal medicine. Sign up:

In November, 2011 the SIU School of Medicine IMIG was the the ACP's featured Internal Medicine Interest Group of the month. Link here for more information:

Health Policy

The ACP offers an opportunity for students interested in health policy to become involved with advocacy. Through the ACP's Key Contact program, students can become educated on current issues and write directly to their representatives in Congress to express their views on the future of health policy. With the current ongoing debate over health care reform, now is an excellent time to become involved. The IMIG will be hosting a health policy session this year.
For more information on the ACP Key Contact program, please visit:


ACP Illinois Chapter